Friday 18 May 2012


Facebook sued for $15billion.

   Today Facebook shares started at $42 a share and maybe they'll head South at the news that people across the US of A are suing them for a total of $15billion.

   The reason for that lawsuit, which was filed in California, is that apparently Facebook violated theur own privacy policy by tracking users internet trawling. This one suit involves 21 confident individuals and their representative had this to say;

“This is not just a damages action, but a groundbreaking digital-privacy rights case that could have wide and significant legal and business implications,” David Straite, a partner at Stewarts Law.

   I think their point is fair enough but Germany has had problems with Facebook's privacy policy so this is nothing new at all.

In other news:

  • Verizon is ending Grandfathered unlimited data plans, but it seems there are ways to hold onto your unlimited data (which is a good idea!). The best way is to keep your contract and buy a new phone yourself, which should save you money all in, over the two years of your contract!
  • Diablo servers have gone down today!
  • Nokia is burning through their cash reserves too quickly apparently. The company had this to say; “Nokia is implementing a decisive action plan to position our company for future growth and success. The main focus of these actions is on lowering the company’s costs, improving cash flow and maintaining a strong financial position.”
  • Microsoft has said that their Windows Phone users who haven't yet updated to Mango they will be cut off from the Marketplace unless they get their phone updated to the latest version.
  • Angry Birds 'Heikki' will be landing soon with a few F1 themes to boot.
  • Samsung has chalked up 9million pre-orders of their Galaxy S3!


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