Tuesday 22 May 2012


Google and Motorola deal completes!

   Today Google has finally completed their acquisition of Motorola, after China approved the move yesterday afternoon. This is great news for the two companies and it will be great to see how Google can exercise an influence on Motorola and whether they get an unfair advantage over other Android manufacturers.

   The other rumours today have been that Google may be planning to cut 40% of jobs at Motorola as they aim to streamline the company and turn a profit in the near future. There's no exact word on future plans but the press release states that the Motorola acquisition will help “supercharge the Android ecosystem and will enhance competition in mobile computing". Keep it locked here for the news as it happens.

Will.I.am seen tweeting while Olympic Torch carrying!

   So this is kind of more fun than any real news, but The Voice judge and superstar rapper, producer and song writer Will.I.am was today a torch bearer for the London 2012 Olympics. But, the Black Eyed Peas co-founder took a slightly different angle on how to act while carrying the torch than the rest of the crowd so far.

   He took to his Blackberry Torch today to Tweet while he was carrying a big gold burning torch. His tweet said;
1nce in a life time experience  in the uK...

 We're pleased you enjoyed it Will!!!

Upcoming iPhone rumours pour out!

   The last few days we've been hearing a lot about Apple's upcoming iPhone and what features it will and won't have. The main rumour is that Apple will up the size of the screen and the consensus is that this probably will happen.

   Today the rumour has come from 9to5 mac that the screen will be a 3.95" display and it will have a new pixel ratio of 1136x640, which would usher in a new aspect ratio of 16:9, while maintaining the 'retina display' title, by keeping the pixel density well about 300pixels per inch.

   9to5 Mac have also said that they expect the new iPhone to have an updated charging port which takes up less space at the base of the phone. The new port is rumoured to be slightly smaller than the MicroUSB standard 

In other news:

  • The Galaxy S3 has reportedly been received very well in the UK with the Carphone Warehouse today announcing that the device has been ordered 'by the thousand' and they have 'sold better than expected'. The international version has also gone up for pre-order in to USA too, but you guys should probably hold out for an official LTE version.
  • Windows Mobile devices you have now officially lost your app store, sorry guys!
  • The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and the Sony Xperia U have both gone on sale in Three UK's mid-range today and both can be yours for around £20 a month on contract or £200 off contract.
  • Samsung have today refuted the claim that 'lawyers designed the Galaxy S3', the official line from their Design VP is that 'the design is part of a 5 year plan' to change the design language at Samsung, sorry guys but we're still not entirely convinced. I for one am still blaming Apple's lawyers!


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