Tuesday 1 May 2012


RIM shows off BB10 and a reference device.

   That lovely looking device above is what RIM handed out to its developers today where the details of BB10 were revealed. Although, the phone itself has some interesting details including a nice HD display amongst others. 

   The main story however is the software which is BB10, which to all intents and purposes is Playbook OS for phones. Many UI elements are the same, even if they are now called Cascade UI. The pluses of BB10 are of course the HTML5 capabilities as well as slick and true multitasking amongst many others.

In other news:

  • There have been reports today of Apple making considerably more money from their phones than Samsung. And people are still surprised! Of course Apple makes more money because they sell one premium product which they charge more for than any Android manufacturer. This shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone at all in the industry.
  • Microsoft has a new plan to keep the quality of their apps 'high' as the number of apps on the marketplace continues to grow!
  • Apple's 4G claims for its new iPad are once again being taken up by Ofcom for misleading customers. Despite Apple removing most of the 4G branding from the UK arm of their website.


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