Tuesday 15 May 2012


   Hi guys unfortunately for the next couple of days I will only be able to write the news in brief because I have taken one of my hands out of action through a kitchen incident (you can imagine) so I'm under strict orders not to move that hand at all if possible. I'm really sorry guys! I will do my level best to make it up to you with some sort of good review and a lot of editorials in the near future. I do have some planned now Uni is finished for summer. But, alas here is the news from today;

The news in brief:
  • It has today been rumoured that Google may be planning on launching as m,any as 5 Nexus devices running Android 5.0. The Wall Street Journal's sources claim there will be a solid mix of phones and tablets. We expect to learn more at Google I/O in June.
  • Unsurprisingly Apple has come out on top of a US customer satisfaction poll, but I do think Apple needs to increase the size of their phones because peoples eyes are starting to turn!
  • Apple is still facing trial Down under despite renaming the new iPad as the 'iPad + Cellular'.
  • Sony and Panasonic are reportedly in talks to strike a deal on OLED screen production.
  • The LG Optimus 4X HD will be hitting Europe in June!
  • After amusement last week when Siri on the iPhone produced results like the Nokia Lumia 900, Apple seems to have not seen the amusing side and the answers are now amended to read either 'You're holding it' or 'Wait there are other phones?'. Ohhh well it was fun while it lasted!
  • Finally, Virgin Atlantic are gearing up to offer their customers Cellular service whilst on their Transatlantic adventures!


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