Wednesday 18 April 2012


Google to try Apple's ploy?

   The rumour mill has been working at full capacity in the last few weeks. Recently the rumours have focused on Android OEM's and today is the turn of Motorola, who have recently been bought out by Google. 

   The rumours runs that Google is going to change Motorola and only offer flagships from the company, in the same vein that Apple does currently. This would be a huge departure from Motorola's current strategy, which caters to every section of their market and their cousins. It would be very interesting to see what other manufacturers would do if this does pan out.

The iPhone 5 set to use liquidmetal?

   Liquid metal... what on earth is that I hear you ask? Well let me tell you guys; it is a compound metal made from zirconium, titanium, nickel and copper. Apple owns the technological IP rights to making the metal and with the need for Apple to refresh the iPhone 4 and 4s' glass finish, it seems that this would make perfect sense.

   It would also give the iPhone another new distinct look that none of the competitors can 'copy'. This material is also said to be considerably more durable and resistant to scratches than Apple's current glass finish because it's as strong as titanium. All interesting stuff, but before we find out whether or not the iPhone 5 has this clad around it or not we have the minor business of a Samsung release on May the 3rd!

In other news;

  • The HTC One X has received a minor update today; the update is said to rectify issues with battery life and overheating which were occurring before, as well as the normal array of bug fixes and optimisations, we have come to expect with an update.
  • RIM announce the cheap Blackberry curve 9220 in India, Nokia you have another threat to your 'next billion' plan.
  • The rumours keep coming... and Microsoft's upcoming mobile OS codenamed Apollo is expected to allow OEM customisation. Microsoft hopes this will give it a leg up to the popularity Android finds with manufacturers because of the customisability of the OS.
  • Microsoft is aiming for a barrage of slates with price tags of less than $300 when Windows 8 drops, in a bid to wrestle marketshare off of Apple.
  • Instagram reported wanted $2billion of Mark Zuckerberg's dollars before they compromised on just half of that last week!
  • ICS incoming for Acer Iconia Tabs A100 and A500 on April 27th.
  • Oracle previously considered buying Palm and RIM before deciding not to get involved in the mobile arena.
  • Intel's first Medfield phone rumoured to land in China this week!!!!
  • Apple and Samsung's CEO's have agreed to sit down and talk about patents by the courts in the US of A.


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