Tuesday 24 April 2012


Google selling the Galaxy Nexus direct from the Play!

   Google has tried before to sell their Nexus devices direct to customers; the Nexus One was the first example and after a couple of months Google returned to a conventional sales route, through the carriers. But today Google has announced they are trying again.

   If you're a resident of the United States of America you can pick yourself up an Unlocked GSM (read AT&T and T-Mobile compatible) version of the companies flagship Android device. The price tag for your 'guaranteed' updates and pure Google experience is $399, so it's a pretty darn good deal. 

   Now if only Google could work something out to do this on my side of the pond for about £300 I would be there in a flash! It's still selling for £520 at the Carphone Warehouse (That's $840!!!!!)

Nokia finally pushes out tethering updates to Lumia 710 and 800.

   If you're the lucky owner of one of the two shiny devices above and you have a nice expensive data contract then today is your lucky day. Nokia has released updates to the Lumia 710 and the Lumia 800 which enable internet tethering! Wooo...

   It's hard not to feel like this should have been included from the off but at least it's here now! If you want the update then simply plug your phone into the computer, boot up Zune, click update and the rest will happen like clockwork (hopefully)!!!

In other news:

  • Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Windows operating system has been found to infringe on 4 of Motorola's patents, relating specifically to the use of H264 standard for videos.
  • ZTE plans to release two 'phablet' devices this year to compete with the Galaxy Note and the LG Vu.
  • AT&T's smartphone sales were dominated by the iPhone with 4.3million out of the 5.8million activations being brand spanking new iPhones.
  • UK carrier O2 has been quick to just on the Galaxy S3 bandwagon and now joins Vodafone as the second UK wireless provider to announce they will have the phone. The Tweet is just below;
  • Nokia got their credit rating slashed today amid concerns the company won't be able to turn their fortunes around too easily. Their rating has been downgraded to 'junk' by Fitch.
  • There's another variant of Flashback affecting the Mac world this week. Just don't do anything silly and you should be fine!
  • Facebook for Windows Phone has a huge new update incoming, something which is very overdue.
  • HTC has announced they expect strong Q2 results after their new One series has been received 'very well'.
  • Facebook has reached 900million users, so they're not far off 1 in 7 people on this earth having an account. Now we know where they got the money to buy Instagram!
  • And finally, if we needed any more confirmation that the upcoming Galaxy S 'something' will be the Galaxy S3 then we need not look any further than Samsung's very own 'Unpacked 2012' app on the Google Play. The picture below gives us a pretty good idea of what's coming!


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