Monday 16 April 2012


Asus' Trasnformer Prime GPS dongle pictured.

Transformer Prime GPS dongle spotted, won't play nice with keyboard dock

   So the last few weeks we've heard that Asus was planning on offering a solution to the Transformer Prime's GPS woes and well the picture above appears to be the result. Like we initially heard it looks like it will prevent you from using the keyboard dock while you're getting your navigation fix... (Pun intentional). Other than that awful pun there isn't much more to say about the issue really, Asus is coming through on their word and irrespective of how it looks they are supporting their customers with after market care. So everything's good!

Sprint finally gets closer to a GNex release.

Sprint confirms Galaxy Nexus release date: coming April 22nd for $200

   The Samsung Galaxy Nexus; Google's flagship ICS device, beautifully thin, 720P HD screen and slapped with Samsung's lovely plastic everywhere. Sprint have finally put information up on their site about when their customers can get their grubby paws on the device. The date - the 22nd of April, so not too long to wait. The price - $200 on the obligatory two-year contract. You're only choice to make here is whether it's this or the HTC Evo 4G LTE (a One series device in all but name)!!!

In other news:

  • The week after the Mac world heard about the Flashback trojan another virus has been detected which infiltrates your system through Microsoft Word and Java vulnerabilities. These two new trojans are variants of the flashback trojan but are called SabPub. I am always reluctant to post this as news because every OS has vulnerabilities but everything seems to be placed in the spotlight when it's something made by Apple.
  • Nokia's Pureview 808 super camera phone with a 41MP sensor has gone up for pre-order in the UK for £449 excluding VAT, which is about $770.
  • Apple refuses to rename iPad LTE in Australia, so there will be a new war of words coming.
  • Motorola Razr HD name has been leaked, so you can guess what's coming soon.
  • Oracle Vs Google copyright battle kicks off, all the twists and turns will be coming your way as it happens!


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