Thursday 5 April 2012


Padfone Update!!! My post from!

   The Asus Padfone, when it was announced, was and still is, widely regarded as the future of the mobile industry. It has the ability to integrate the phone into a tablet, the tablet into a keyboard and the whole lot to an external monitor via its outputs. One device, one set of accessories, all your computing needs.

   Today we have heard news that the future is a little bit closer. Asus announced at MWC that the Padfone would be coming out in April and they have kept their word. The device goes up for pre-order tomorrow in Taiwan, with a shipping date of April the 20th.
   How much would you pay for the Snapdragon S4 touting all in one set? Keep that figure in mind because there are a couple of options for Asus' Taiwanese customers and they look something like this;
Phone onlyNT$17,990£385 $610
Phone and TabletNT$24,980£535 $850
Phone, Tablet and Keyboard dockNT$28,901£619 $980

   Those prices are a conversion at today's exchange rate, so it might be a tad different when it lands in your part of the world. So if you're not put off by that pricing, we're keeping our ears open for some global pricing from Asus in the coming weeks!

Via Engadget

In other news:
  • Nintendo's 3DS is outselling all of Sony's portable gaming devices in Japan. The 3DS had 65% of the market, which is quite surprising given how stunning the PS Vita is!
  • Samsung has publicly announced they are not interested in making a 3D phone yet, so no 3D on your new SGS3!
  • Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has announced that Sony will have a new strategy that is announcement worthy on the 12th of April. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that much but Engadget thinks it'll be interesting, therefore it must be!
  • Has your new iPad having Wifi issues, Apple's investigating random signal drops and other issues!!!
  • The Nokia Lumia 900 has been getting serious hype lately, but analysts predict a flop today.... what do you think?!
  • Anonymous has hacked Chinese government websites, apparently it was just for the lolz.


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