Wednesday 25 April 2012


Microsoft extorting manufacturers now too!

Pegatron licenses Microsoft's patent porfolio for Android and Chrome devices
   Microsoft; famous for Windows, Office and all things up to Windows Phone. All of these things make Microsoft money but so does the company's Intellectual Property (IP). It's newest patent licensee is Pegatron, a company who manufactures a whole slew of e-readers, tablets and phones, some of which run somewhat unsurprisingly run Android. Asus, Apple and HP are amongst their biggest customers. 

   I suppose if you're a Microsoft shareholder you're not going to scoff at the prospect of another revenue stream, but Microsoft please invest some of this IP money in making an amazing product or two!

Angry Birds Space has future plans to incorporate the Simpsons?!?!

   Angry Birds Space has been a runaway success since it's debut in March and today we saw an update with 10 more levels being added. BUT, we also were gievn the little teaser that you can see above. The suggestion here is that the Simpsons will be incorporated into the game.

   But, I previously reported how Rovio was planning to expand Angry Birds into a TV show and as such the Simpsons would be a great way to get the word about a new series out there, as well as being a great chance for a bit of mutually beneficial cross-branding.

In other news:
  • Sprint announced a $255million loss for Q1 this year along with 1.5million iPhone sales, which is slightly disappointing given they went all in and blew their budget to get the iPhone last year.
  • T-mobile Galaxy Nexus users in the USA you now have Google Wallet working!
  • Apple's WWDC is scheduled for 11-15th June this year, so book up your tickets for San Fran!
  • Hackstore available for OSX users, it's basically Cydia for your Macbook.
  • Nokia delays the UK launch of the Lumia 900 from the 27th of April to the 14th of May reportedly because of 'large US demand'.
  • The HTC One S is available for $200 on T-Mobile now, with a rebate of $50, go and grab your S4 powered monster now!
  • Chrome for Android is reportedly leaving it's Beta stage in 'a matter of weeks'.


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