Monday 22 October 2012

TabletTalk: Something Android should have as standard!

  Tablet Talk 
   There's some people out there who have this amazing little feature built into their devices, but you have to have a HP Touchpad to use it! Do you know what it is? Surprisingly, the iPad, Blackberry Playbook (unless you have a Blackberry phone too!) and Android tablets all lack this functionality (Please correct me if I'm wrong!) and you'll most certainly find it useful if you use your tablet a lot!

   Essentially what this is, is the ability to text and answer/ be notified of calls which come through on your phone, while you're using your tablet! It's simple but incredibly useful, because it seems silly to be swapping out your phone and tablet every couple of minutes to reply to text messages!

   I personally was a bit surprised Google hasn't got a native pairing solution; surely we're not the only people in the world with an Android phone and tablet? But alas, there isn't at the moment.

   So I did a bit of research and there are apps so that you can pair your devices via Bluetooth (this app also does it via Wifi too!) and message and call notifications come through on your tablet as well as your phone. As long as the two devices are in range, the swapping problem was solved. The best app (according to Play store ratings) was an app called TabletTalk.

   TabletTalk requires you to install the app on both the phone and tablet, turn on bluetooth, pair the two and off you go. It really is a fantastic solution and is well worth considering, the interface is clean and simple and it's a pleasure to use. It's really not worth us taking you through how to make everything work, everything does exactly what you'd expect and all of the options are easy to find!
Here's what it'll look like on your tablet!
   The only small criticism I could find was that the little message notification icon will remain on your phone even if you have read and replied to the message on your tablet. Which means the notification light stays on if you're using a Galaxy S3 for example. But, in the grand scheme of things it's the smallest bit of nit picking and it's the worst criticism we could manage! All you would have to do would be to click clear on your notification bar to stop it, if it bothered you anyway!

   For those of you who are interested in looking into the app the developers website is here and if you simply can't wait to get it from the Play Store, it's $2.99 (£1.79) and you can find it just here!


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