Friday 5 October 2012

So that's where my data allowance went...

When most people buy a contract nowadays the first considerations they make is the amount of minutes and texts they're going to be using each month. But, soon after they'll start thinking about the quantity of mobile data they're planning to use. Some people think they won't use much and opt for smaller data allowances and sometimes get stung because they underestimate their usage. Others choose to go for the opposite end of the spectrum and overestimate their usage, to avoid the dreaded bill shock!

   That's one of the reasons why mobile retailer,'s, new research is so interesting. Their latest infograph is all about the current state of data usage in the UK and there may well be some things in there you didn't expect to see!

   One of the sections that stood out to us was about the differences in data consumption between mobile OS'. Android topped the list, with the average user sucking down nearly 600MB's a month! Surprisingly iPhone users were almost 100MB's behind, which may not sound much but it's just over 15% less! Oh and those Blackberry types who're always emailing and BBM-ing, they're the easiest on the networks, only using 127MB a month on average!

   It's also surprising how easy it is to use data; you don't really consider how much data it'll consume to upload a picture to Twitter or spend 15 minutes poking around on Facebook!

   Perhaps the most surprising fact of all is that smartphone data last year was equivalent to 8 times the size of the whole of the World Wide Web in 2000! It just goes to show how quickly we've adopted mobile internet into our lives!

   The full infograph is below and it's a very interesting read!



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