Thursday 18 October 2012

18/10/2012: Stephen Elop is bullish in the face of a Surface phone plus Verizon and Nokia Q3 sales and more!

Stephen Elop remains bullish in the face of a Surface phone.
    Stephen Elop has today fielded investor questions about his position on Microsoft's much rumoured Surface phone, which would become a flagship competitor to Nokia's Lumia devices.

   Elop said, "It's certainly a stimulant to the ecosystem" because he is more focused on getting Windows Phone 8 into people's minds and then opting for a Nokia device, instead of just wanting to promote his own company. A point which is reinforce by a later statement; "We're encouraging of HTC and Samsung and Microsoft or whomever to have devices in the market and to be making whatever investments that helps spur the ecosystem on."
   To be fair to him, Elop has remained unwaveringly confident in his company's approach to Windows Phone, which he continued today. He proclaimed that Nokia were "very proud of the unique differentiation that [they] are bringing to the Windows Phone platform." He again repeated that, "It's not something that's easily replicated or reinvented or anything like that."
   Just in case Microsoft does announce a phone Elop has promised current "unpolished gems" from the company's Research and Development labs will be used "to differentiate regardless of who our competition might be." But, don't get your hopes up too much because the company also warned that they will be in for a rocky Q4 in the 'smart device' arena.
Via The Verge.
In other news:
  • Verizon has announced that the Motorola Razr HD and the Razr Maxx HD will be available from their online or brick and mortar stores from today!
  • Verizon also announced today that they managed to ship 651,000 units of  the iPhone 5 before the end of September! The company said they also broke the 6.8million smartphone sales in Q3 which is respectable in anyone's book!
  •  Nokia also announced that they sold 2.9million Lumia devices in Q3! Which is a disappointing return.

  •  Microsoft is training their staff on the differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT so they are perfectly placed to recommend the best one for you!

  •  Microsoft has also announced that they've sold out of the first batch of $499 Surface RT tablets!

  • Google has revealed a new Samsung Chromebook which will be available on Monday! Google is hoping to be able to sell this to you as a second computer and this shiny new model will only set you back $249. The Chromebook is based on an Exynos 5 Dual arm processor. The laptop will be Wi-Fi only, with an 11.6-inch screen, 16GB of storage, 2GB of RAM and Bluetooth.  If something this cheap tickles your fancy it can be pre-ordered now from the sourcelink here!
And finally, researches have speculated today that Dolphins have the ability to rest half of their brain at one time so that they are always partially aware! Sometimes we wish we had that ability here at TheTechFront!


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