Monday 8 October 2012


A 32GB version of the Nexus 7 looks increasingly likely!

Android Central

   Google's Nexus 7 is one of the most popular tablets going at the moment; it offers the best of great specs and bargain price point! One of the only issues reviewers have found with the tablet has been the lack of expandable storage and the very limiting confines of 8 or 16GB's of storage.

Carphone Warehouse
Carphone Warehouse had the version on their system last week! Via Droidlife
   It's very unlikely Google will ever commission an option with a MicroSD card slot, but it's looking increasingly likely that we will be seeing a version with 32GB's of integrated storage! The new version has been popping up on inventory systems for a while now, with Carphone Warehouse's entry for the tablet being leaked early last week!

   Today, though, we've received the picture, above, which is a 32GB variant which somehow ended up in the packaging for a Japanese version of the 16GB model! The unit ended up in a lucky guys hands! This could conceivably have been faked but it does seem like quite a lot of effort to go to for a little bit of attention?! 

   Hopefully we'll hear something a bit more concrete soon!
In other news:

  • Verizon has announced there will be two new variants of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 heading to their network in the near future. You can pre-register your interest in either black or brown varieties on the company's website! The brown one is looking good to us!

  • Huawei has claimed the US committee that assessed them and ZTE for 'desirability', was “committed to a predetermined outcome”! We'll have to see what the committee will offer by way of a retort, but it may not be forthcoming!
  • Facebook's native Android app is reportedly in final testing, according to Engadget's insiders! The app will be a replacement for the HTML5 app which is currently available, which Facebook recently conceded was woeful! Good news for all Android users!
  • The BBC has launched an iPlayer Radio app which is available for Android and iOS phones, tablets and PCs!
  • Motorola has recently announced that they are killing off their rather unpopular Webtop software! Some people will be disappointed to see it go, but alas hopefully we'll see some faster updates!
  • The purple halo which users have been seeing on their iPhone 5's, when they point their camera at a bright light source, has today been dismissed as 'normal' and to avoid the issue Apple kindly advises you not to point your camera so close to the bright light! 
  • HTC has posted another woeful three months! Their entire revenue amounted to NT$70.2bn (US$2.4bn), down from NT$91bn in Q2. Net income also dwindled, down to NT$3.9bn (US$133m). Hopefully the refreshed HTC One X+ and the colourful new 8X and 8S will help the company turn the corner!
  • T-Mobile USA has announced that Samsung's Galaxy S3 is the company's best selling device ever! Also, in case you're more of an i persuasion, the company is stocking NanoSIM's in all of their stores from today!!!
And finally, Rovio announced Angry Birds Star Wars!
Rovio's Star Wars inspired teaser, which we saw last week, have officially been cleared up today, with the announcement of Angry Birds Star Wars!!! So far we know that the Angry Birds will be in the characters; Luke Skywalker, Rebel Pilot, Han, Chewie and Leia! And Luke himself will be carrying a light saber! The game will be out on November the 8th! The full teaser is below!


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