Monday 1 October 2012


Google overtakes Microsoft to become World Tech Giant No.2!

   We all know that the tech world is incredibly competitive and the big hitters come and go, we can look to people like RIM and Nokia for proof of that. But, at this moment in time Apple is the clear leader, being the most valuable company in the world, period. But, behind them and just in the tech sector we have you're everyday names; Google, Microsoft, IBM, AT&T and the list goes on.

   But, today we heard that Google now has over $249 billion in market cap which means they are now more valuable than Microsoft, which fell to around $248.8 billion today.

   While not important for much more than that, it does perhaps reflect where investors think technology is heading as the power of the internet continues to grow. But, Microsoft will remain an incredible powerful company for the foreseeable future irrespective of their market worth!

Barnes and Noble gives Nook Simple Touch GlowLight discounts!

   Most of you bookworms out there probably have an Amazon Kindle eReader by now. But, there might be a small portion of you who have opted for a Kobo, Sony or even a Barnes and Noble reader instead? If you fall into none of those categories and you're looking to purchase a new good quality one then B&N might have the answer for you!

   Barnes and Noble have chalked $20 off the price of the eReader, bringing it right into line with Amazon's Kindle at $119. 

   But, the company isn't happy with just a reduced price but the company has been explaining how the NOOK Simple Touch will actually be better value for money. They point out that their device includes an AC adapter, whereas Amazon only put a microUSB cable in the box for the Kindle Paperwhite. If you want a proper Amazon adaptor well that's $9.99 on top, but you don't need it, you could use any standard MicroUSB charger.

   There's also them pesky ads to consider. The Nook eReader won't have any, whereas Amazon's offering will, unless you chalk up another $20 to get rid of them too! So maybe you can have a second thought if you are looking for a shiny new eReader for Christmas.... It's not too early to be thinking about that is it?!?!

In other news:

  • Nokia and Oracle have inked a deal which would see the latter integrate the formers Mapping solutions into their products, particularly for custom geo-location work in Enterprise servers!
  • Sharp has announced they are beginning productions of 5" 1080p screens for upcoming smartphones!
  • Samsung's Galaxy Note II is now officially on sale in the UK! And there's a drop test just below.
  • Apple is facing an EU investigation after they have 'continually' ignored EU law. The company has been advertising their products with a 1 year warranty, when EU law stipulates that those sorts of products should have 2 years. The investigation will decide if Apple was intentionally trying to get customers to purchase AppleCare. If they're found guilty then there will be a lofty fine!

And finally, HP have unveiled their ElitePad 900. It's a stunning bit of kit that includes an Intel Clove Trail processor and 2GB of RAM inside a 1.5-pound brushed aluminum case! It's absolutely stunning. There's a picture and a video for you to marvel at below!


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