Tuesday 2 October 2012

Nokia takes a stab at the iPhone 5: Calls it boring!

   Sometimes the underdog needs something to make their products sell well. Apple used to be the underdog, they used the uniqueness of their iPhone and the lure of exclusivity from the premium price tags to convince millions of users to join their iOS army.

   Nokia is now using Apple's huge success to advertise it's Lumia products! People have become fairly accustom to seeing iPhone's around and about. Some of your friends may even have stood in queues, or pre-ordered the second the website went live, to get their hands on Apple's latest and greatest. But, their phone is just like the next iPhone isn't it?

   That's the logic Nokia has used for their latest series of advertisements; the bright colour options of their new Lumia range being a feature which will help you stand out from the 'black and white' crowd! We'll see if Windows Phone 8 and catchy colours will be enough to convince people 'it's time to switch' this holiday season!


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