Tuesday 2 October 2012


HTC announce the One X+.

   After a couple of leaks earlier in the week made this one of HTC's worst kept secrets in a while, the company has officially confirmed their brand spanking new One X+. 

   The comparisons to the Sensation XE have been acknowledged by HTC themselves, but it's a great attention-grabbing colour scheme and it certainly looks great to our eyes!

   The One X+ is also a worthy upgrade to it's predecessor, it's had a spec bump in a number of areas:

  • There's an NVIDIA Tegra 3 AP37 processor running at 1.7 Ghz. 
  • The phone will come in one version with 64 GB of internal memory!
  • The front-facing camera has been bumped to a 1.6MP 720p capable camera!
  • The One X+ features a 2100 mAH battery, which will hopefully address the complaints most reviewers had with the original One X's battery life!
  • And there's also Android's latest and greatest, version 4.1 Jelly Bean, running under a new Sense 4+ interface. which brings with it new enhancements such as a 'portrait mode' for the front facing camera and some improvements to the gallery!
   On top of this it's the same One X we used to know and love. The 8MP BSI camera remains, as does the stunning 720p 4.7" SLCD2 screen! Look out for this phone arriving in Europe and North America later this month! 

In other news:

  • AT&T has announced they will be carrying the HTC One X+ and the new HTC One VX, the latter of which is a new mid-range phone!
  • Research published today has shown that Android has a 48% share of the US tablet market, with the iPad gobbling up the other half! It'll be interesting to see if Windows RT has much of an impact on the next set of results!
  • HTC have announced their One X and One S are getting Jelly Bean this month!
  • Motorola has officially confirmed that owners of their Atrix 4G will not be getting an ICS update, sorry guys!
  • The work on Open WebOS appears to be getting somewhere because the clever guys behind the ports have got it booting on the Asus Transformer Prime today! Obviously it's not going to be a daily driver for a good while yet, but it's great to see the little platform getting support!
  • Samsung's Galaxy tab 10.1 has finally been approved for sale in the USA! Apple's case was dismissed by Judge Lucy Koh and the tablet will finally go back on sale. Whether or not you want one at this point may well be another matter!
  • Are these the specs of the first BB10 device from RIM? We're not sure, but if it's a real device it's mighty powerful!

    Via Slashgear.

And finally, Google has released their latest pie chart with the percentages of each version of their OS on and it's good news! Companies have now got ICS and Jelly Bean onto 25% of devices! Annoyingly we now have Jelly Bean! But, it's a start!


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