Wednesday 1 February 2012


Samsung are keeping us waiting for the Galaxy S III.
   Let all of the rumours of the Galaxy S3 cropping up at MWC at the end of February desist because Samsung has come out and officially stated that the SGS3 won't be making an appearance next month. Maybe Samsung thinks the Galaxy S franchise is big enough to warrant it's own event and with 1 in 10 of the Korean population owning a Galaxy S2, that belief may very well be the case.
 There is also the fact that literally everyone else in the mobile game (except Apple of course) will undoubtedly have something to announce and the Galaxy S3 might not be able to steal the headlines if Sony, LG or Moto have something to say about it. So this seems like a wise move from Samsung, hope they make it worth the wait for us! We have a final deadline of June for the announcement but hopefully they won't wait half a year to launch the European version.

Blackberry Playbook will soon officially run Android apps.
   Everyone mark your calenders, RIM's hugely discounted tablets is (finally) about to hit the app jackpot after a year or so of promises. The exact date is scheduled to be the 6th of February. So if you're on the look out for a cheap and solid tablet the Playbook may well become a lot more appealing and with the latest round of price cuts still in effect it'll only cost you £249.99 for the 64GB version, with the 16GB and 32GB costing £169.99 and £199.99 respectively from the Currys/Dixons/PC World partnership.

MegaUpload files lifeline!
   After the carnage and utter fear struck into MegaUpload customers and other file sharing companies by the seemingly conclusive closure of  MegaUpload by the American authorities, people who have files saved on MegaUpload's servers have been granted a potential reprieve.
   The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have started exploring options for the saviour of legitimate law abiding customers files. MegaUpload's previous server, Carpathia, has reiterated that the company has no access to any of MegaUpload's accounts or files, but they have already agreed to preserve it for another 2 weeks while a deal with the DOJ is brokered. EFF's statement on the matter reads as follows;
   '“Megaupload, of course, had many lawful customers … Yet those people were given no notice that they might lose access to their data and no clear path to getting their property back. Setting aside the legal case against Megaupload, the government should try to avoid this kind of collateral damage, not create it.”
   We hope for all the legitimate customers the EFF can find a way to help them out, although it is no easy task for them to get access again.

Windows 8 tablets better than Android?
   Today there's been suggestion from ARM CEO, Warren East, that Windows 8 has an advantage over Android when running on ARM based processors. His reasoning behind this is that Windows has brand recognition already whereas Android tablets haven't quite taken off in the same way Apple's tablet has.
   Although, he airs on the size of optimism and rightly points out that it took a couple of years for Android phones to take off, so Android tablets may well replicate that success.
   Microsoft may have some luck in the tablet sector if they can get docks to boost the picture onto big screens and so proliferals can be plugged in, so the tbalet acts as a 'preoper' computer as well as a tablet, like i suggested in my 'Future of mobile phones' editorial, Windows could become very popular on tablets. Although they will have that arch enemy, Apple to worry about, but if they try to tackle Apple's 'post-PC' nonsense with a clever ad campaign it should be easy enough for them to gain some traction.


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