Monday 6 February 2012


Siri is only on iPhone 4S for a reason! Sorry iPhone 4 owners...
   iPhone 4 owners sorry but there's a reason why you aren't allowed Siri. It's all been kindly explained by  Linley Group analyst Linley Gwennap who's explained that there is in fact a noise reduction system on board from a company called Audience. This noise control system is one reason why the A5 chip is so physically large and is almost certainly the reason 3GS and 4 owners haven't and won't receive their dose of Siri, sorry guys.

The German government recommends.... Google Chrome.
   The war of the browsers now has the voice of governments chiming in and again Microsoft's Internet Explorer is not the browser of choice. Instead, Germany's federal agency for information security, the BSI, has recommended we use Chrome to keep ourselves safe. The quote reads as follows;

 “This [sandbox] protection is implemented most consistently in Chrome…[and] similar mechanisms in other browsers are currently either weaker or non-existent.”
   Good stuff Google, hopefully the free promotion will convince that 51% of the German population that to come to the shiny side.

HTC knows what it's doing wrong.
   HTC has been proactive and very open about having a bit of a bad winter and they really are making sure everyone knows, that they know, that they know how to fix it. Clear enough? They have come out and acknowledged that their phone winter line up was too bulky, not attractive enough, not high enough spec-ed and they (especially LTE phones) just didn't quite have the battery power they should have had (Razr Maxxx inspired quote anyone?). But, their CEO Winston Yung knows he can fix it for the coming year and it shouldn't be to hard to address them complaints especially with their build quality second to none


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