Thursday 16 February 2012


Fujitsu lining up to challenge the Transformer Prime?
   Today an intriguing roadmap from Fijitsu has leaked out; the main focus of attention has been on the image furthest right. That appears to be a 'new detachable performance slate' and that is exactly why it's interesting; Transformer Prime eat your heart out. 
   Now, the thing I want to find out is whether this will run Android or Windows7/8, either way it'll be an interesting addition to the market if it doesn't get dropped from the roadmap between now and September.

Android 5 'Jelly Bean' rumours begin already.
   With still only 1% of Android devices running any variety of Android 4.0, the Jelly Bean rumours have begun. The 'supply chain rumours' are that Google is going to drop Android 5 in Q2 of this year, a mere 6 months after Android 4 was released! 
   The reason for this is said to be that Google is going to release the operating system so that it has more features of the company's Chrome operating system built in and also the added benefit of having a simple Dual Boot option with Windows. This could be an incredibly useful option to have a low power operating system to twin with Windows 8 for when them highly powered slates start popping up towards the end of the year.
   It seems that if this was to actually happen it would be an incredibly intelligent move on Google's part positioning it perfectly for the Post-PC world, but those of us with a non-nexus phone are going to be extremely frustrated; Motorola yesterday pegged it's 4.0 updates for Q3, so it is anyones guess if or indeed when 5.0 updates would arrive.

HTC's new naming scheme? And Tegra3 phones!

   HTC has been a leaky company lately with so many pictures, ROMs, specs and everything else Android related. But, it seems we now know what HTC's hero range of devices for the first part of the year. Pocketnow has said that what we knew as the Quadcore Endeavour will be know as the HTC One X. The simple but effective naming scheme will be extended to the previously rumoured Ville which will be known as the One S. There obviously may be more phones incoming under that brand, but we'll have to wait until MWC to find out more about them.
   And secondly, Nvidia has said that not only will the their be one Tegra 3 phone but there will be 'many', is MWC shaping up to be the event of 2012's superphones?
   One other little gem is that HTC is preparing a Moto style 'soak-test' for it's ICS update for the Sensation and Sensation XE, but it is strictly limited to Europeans! But, ICS is on it's way Sensation users!


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