Sunday 19 February 2012


LG out the Optimus Vu to challange the Galaxy Note.
   A week before MWC begins LG has tried to steal a march on the rest of the crowd and get some attention focused on it's newest smartphone, the Optimus Vu. Most people have perceived this as a direct challenger to Samsung's Galaxy Note Phablet (Phone/tablet)/
   Although, LG has gone for an interesting design on the Vu; it looks almost square because of it's 4:3 aspect ratio. The screen itself is a 5" IPS display capable of 650nits of brightness and it has a pixel count of 1024x768. Another interesting addition is the fact you can use a stylus on the screen in exactly the same way as the Galaxy Note.
    Android 2.3 is being pushed to the screen (although an ICS update is promised within 3 months) by the 1.5Ghz dual core processor which has LTE functionality built in. The 2080MaH battery should be more than enough to get you through the day unless you're a really heavy user.
    And for those of you into your photography the Vu follows the current trend and offers a 1.3MP front facing camera and a rear 8MP camera. But, I have a feeling we may see phones that trump this in the coming few weeks.
   We can expect to get some video of the phone in action at MWC next week.

Just an aside.
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