Sunday 26 February 2012


Mobile World Congress 2012.
   Right guys and girls this coming week will see the technology world get bombarded with Smartphones, tablets any everything else that you probably don't need but really, really want. And that's why I'm going to have to do things a tad differently. I'm going to post up the big announcements and write a short commentary on them but the other devices I will literally just list their specs, because some devices really don't need describing once you've seen the specs (cough* Galaxy Tab 2 *cough).

   And so we have have already got a couple of official announcements and here's the first one:

The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
   The Original Galaxy Tab 10.1 looked really good last year it had a dualcore 1Ghz processor, 2 cameras (2MP and 3MP on the front and back respectively) and this year Samsung has remade the thing. And boy have they made it look insanely..... bad!!!
The specs read like this:
OS Android 4.0 with Touchwiz
Camera VGA (front) + 3mp (rear)
Screen  1280x800 LCD with 'PLS Technology'
Processor 1Ghz Dual Core (Unspecified)
Battery  7000MaH
Storage 16 or 32gb and MicroSD expanable
   So really the only benefit we're getting over last year is the 'PLS Technology' and an SD card slot, PLS Samsung you can do better.
   No word on pricing yet although this slate will launch in the UK in March along with it's equally disappointing 7" brother.

 Samsung Galaxy Beam.
   A couple of years ago Samsung wanted to create a projecting phone and ladies and gentlemen it is finally here. So if you've really been craving a projector on your phone this is going to be right up your street, if you don't well it's going to be harder to sell this one to you.
The specs are:
OS Android 2.3 with Touchwiz
Camera 1.3mp (front) + 5mp (rear)
Screen  480x800 4" display
Processor 1Ghz Dual Core (Unspecified)
Battery  2000MaH
Storage 8gb and MicroSD expanable

Huawei Ascend D (and it's varients).
   Huawei has made no small statement with the announcement of this phone; they have simply called it 'the world's fastest quad-core smartphone'. When you see the specs you will genuinely believe that claim;
OS Android 4.0
Camera 1.3mp (front) + 8mp (rear)
Screen  720p 4.5" LCD display
Processor 1.5Ghz Quad-core (K3v2 (Huawei own))
Battery  1800MaH
Storage Unknown
 There are three variants of the phone; the original (just the D), the XL (which is essentially the same it just features a 2500MaH battery) and the D1, which has a 1.5Ghz Dual-core processor and a smaller 1670MaH battery. These all look like stylish devices, go Huawei.


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