Thursday 23 February 2012


Google set to replace Motorola CEO Jha.
   It is being reported left, right and centre that Google are going to replace Sanjay Jha (CEO of Motorola) as soon as the merger between the two companies successfully completes. The idea is to replace him with someone from within Google who can help execute Google's vision for Android with a hardware team.
   There has been a lot of talk of Google making the next Nexus device with Motorola, but if the launch date for Android 5 Jelly Bean really is this summer then that does seem somewhat unlikely.

The Original Asus Transformer starts getting some ICS love.
   After yesterdays outcry about the horrific possibility that the the OG Transformer might have to wait a whole month for some Android 4.0 love, the update started rolling out in Taiwan and Singapore this morning.
   AND the news gets even better; Asus have announced that the USA customers will receive their OTA tomorrow too! Good news all around really and it'll be even better if they've managed to cure the random reboots that most ICS touting devices have suffered so far. Don't us Samsung device owners wish Sammy were like Asus?

In other news:
ZTE is set to announce 8 new smartphones at MWC in a huge drive to secure a place as the worlds third biggest smartphone vendor behind Apple and Samsung.

Nvidia's Tegra 3 processor isn't a quadcore with a companion core processor anymore, it is officially known as a 4plus1 chipset. Although, it seems that the companion core is the best way to describe it but 4plus1 is a bit more catchy I admit.

Samsung has officially sold 20million Galaxy S2s and it beat the original Galaxy S to that milestone by 7 months!

Everything Everywhere has announced that they will be rolling out a small LTE deployment in the UK by the end of 2012.


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