Wednesday 22 February 2012


Hi guys, I couldn't get around to making a post yesterday because of other real life commitments but here is a solid round up of everything you need to know and I have focused on an interesting pair of announcements in detail.

  • Blackberry Playbook finally gets OS2 and the ability to play Android apps along with it!
  • An Apple TV refresh is imminent because stock has started to run dry at all outlets.
  • The Transformer Prime's Bootloader Unlocker has been released. [edit: and just like that the Transformer Prime gets clockworkmod recovery working].
  • Microsoft filed an Antitrust complain with the EU because Motorola is attempting to secure royalties for it's online video patents relating to H264 videos.
  • The PS Vita officially launches in the UK.
  • LG have teased the Optimus 3D cube which is a minor update to the Optimus 3D and will still only run Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
  • Google planning 'smartglasses' for the end of 2012.
  • Nokia Pureview camera phone tipped for MWC.
  • Intel confirms Motorola is a key member of their official Intel for Smartphones launch.
  • Fujitsu confirms they are going to offer a Tegra3 phone in Europe with a 12+MP camera.
  • Kim Dotcom granted bail in New Zealand.
  • Verizon has a massive nationwide 4G outage and 3G has been hit too for a small amount of customers.

Google and Adobe pledge to bring Flash to Linux.
   And just as Flash begins to decline as a mobile platform Google has decided to stop in and give those of us who rock a Linux variety as our environment of choice a glimpse of the platform.
   It is reported the pair will work closely together to bring a single API plugin that will allow Flash to run and it's code named 'pepper', which kinda sounds sweet don't you think?

Sony quietly rebrands it's newly purchased mobile division.
   So without even a whimper the Ericsson branding has gone forever from Sony made phones. The rebranding officially began yesterday evening and will spread across all related sites soon.
   The old sonyericsson website now directs you to, it's quite sad for those of us who remember buying their first exciting phone (the W550i, remember the one that twisted open) from Sony Ericsson.
   Either way we must move on and Sony will undoubtedly help us do that with its announcements at MWC next week.


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