Wednesday 15 February 2012


Motorola to give the Atrix some ICS love.
motorola 40 updates
   That lovely graphic just above is confirmation that Motorola will be rolling out a little dose of Android 4.0 to the slightly ageing Atrix. Those of you tied into a 2 year contract with the device will be pleased to see that Motorola is coming through on the 18 month update promise and keeping the phone relevant towards the end of it's lifespan. The only thing remaining to be seen is when Moto can push this update out.

Samsung planning a 10.1" Galaxy Note?
   Ok, so we thought the Galaxy Note looked a bit silly at 5.3" as a phone but, unless this is a bad typo by Sammy, it looks like they have plans to go bigger... much bigger. The picture above suggests that they are planning to announce a 10.1" version of the phone. Somehow I can't see that being accurate unless they want you to carry round the tablet and they offer some sort of wireless earpiece to go with it so it wasn't utterly ridiculous to be holding a full size tablet to your ear. Somehow I think this is a new Tab 10.1 with S-Pen support but it may carry the Galaxy Note name and it will just be a tablet instead of a phone.

HTC to launch music streaming service?
   Here comes a pretty big rumour; HTC are planning a music streaming alternative to tie in with their Beats branding and challenge the likes of Pandora and Spotify.
   That would certainly be a huge differentiator to the rest of the competition. Although, it's currently unclear whether the service would be a subscription based one like Spotify or whether it will be offered free, like Nokia Music to encourage people to pick up one of the companies phones. It looks like HTC's music equivalent to HTC Watch will be announced at MWC at the end of the month.

Benchmarks out an LG Tegra3 superphone.
   That picture just above, ladies and gentlemen, is proof of a yet announced LG superphone running on a Tegra3 processor and is likely to be this years flagship from LG, in just the same way as the Optimus2X was last years. Unsurprisingly, the phone is rumoured to be called the 3X.... original. 
   According to MoDaCo's sources the phone will have a 4.7" 1280x720p screen along with 1GB of RAM, 2000MaH battery, as well as NFC and 2 cameras, coming in at 8 and 1.3MP respectively. The processor is rumoured to run at 1.5Ghz when it's running on one of it's cores and when it switches to multicore power for the more intensive tasks it'll be running at 1.4Ghz.
   Again, we can look forward to this phone coming out to play on the MWC floor.


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