Sunday 24 February 2013

Lenovo announce three new tablets at MWC!

   Lenovo have brought three new tablets to MWC this year; all of them are rocking Android and they should cover a fair few of the needs people want from well priced slates in 2013! Lets get into it!

S6000: Mobile “Home Entertainment” Center.
   Lenovo have described the S6000 as a 'sleek and powerful option for customers looking for a device that switches seamlessly from entertainment to social media and beyond.' So they're hoping this will be a solid all-rounder for people. With a MTK 8389/8125 1.2 GHz quad-core processor there should be plenty of power for all of the gaming and media consumption you can expect to do in every day life! The main thing of course is the screen and here Lenovo are offering a 10.1-inch IPS display with a resolution of1280x800p and with 178-degree viewing angles everything should be pretty good on that front. There's also a micro HDMI port and digital microphone. There's also HSPA+ connectivity and a battery rated for 8 hours of continuous use. All of this has been crammed into a shell which is 8.6mm thick and which weights 560g!

A3000: Full Performance in a Compact Package.
   Lenovo's A3000 offers a standard 7" tablet, but there's a few things on this one which others have been lacking lately. For example this little chap features a 1.2GHz quad-core MTK processor which should be more than enough to power the 7" 1024 x 600p display. Now this isn't the best or highest resolution display available, but it is an IPS screen and the processor shouldn't have any difficulties pushing that many pixels. The whole thing weights in at a total of 340g and is 11mm thick. There's a MicroSD card slot on board which can support cards up to 64GB and there's your choice for a WiFi only or a 3G HSPA+ compatible option, the latter of which will set you back slightly more money when it comes to the market!

A1000: Pocket Studio with Dolby sound enhancements.
   And last but not least there's the A1000 which might not have the power of it's quad-core brothers, but it's a nice little device in its own right. There's Android Jelly Bean 4.1 which runs on a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, storage options up to 16GB, all of which are expandable by SD cards up to 32GB in size. The main selling point though is the Dolby Digital Plus integration combined with front facinf  into the device and large, front-facing speakers which is always a bonus for media consumption. The device will arrive in your choice of black or white and it'll be a good little device assuming the price ends up being quite reasonable!

   The tablets will all arrive in Q2 and they'll be available worldwide! Unfortunately pricing hasn't yet been announced!

   The full press release is available here.


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