Saturday 23 February 2013

Google announce the Chromebook Pixel: A luxury device 'for what's next'!

   Chromebooks haven't exactly taken the world by storm quite yet, but Google knows there's already a place for cheap internet centric laptops in the world and as we become more and more reliant on the internet for our work and social lives. But, Google doesn't just want to dominate the budget laptop market, the other day they announced the Chromebook Pixel. It's the first high end Chromebook and it really shows where Google wants to take the operating system and devices in future. 

   So what are we actually looking at here? Conveniently Google has posted up a full list of specs on their website and a screen grab of that website is embedded just below!
Click picture to enlarge.
   So this without doubt is a powerful device and it's a heck of a lot more powerful than the budget Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer which are rocking an Exynos and Intel Celeron processors!

   But, it's that screen which really steals the show here. It's a full touchscreen which has the highest resolution on a computer screen ever made and it's a nice bright offering too, coming in at 400 nits of brightness!
   The internal memory is slightly disappointing because them most you can have is 64GB, but to criticise that would be missing the point of Chromebooks, which is why Google has thrown in three years worth of Google Drive storage and you'll have a whole terabyte of space to use up in the cloud!
"So there's great internals, but externally
 the Pixel is stunning too." 

   So there's great internals, but externally the Pixel is stunning too. The device is "machined from an anodized aluminum alloy to a tight tolerance, leaving nothing extraneous or distracting". Google has made a point of hiding the vents, make the screws invisible and tucking away the speakers under the keyboard just to make everything looks flawless and elegant and they've certainly achieved all of those goals because the device looks simple and pretty futuristic.
   Naturally there's been comparisons with Apple's Macbook Pro range already, but when you design a computer made of metal and with a black keyboard there's only so many designs you can choose from and we're not too sure many people will be too bother with the similarities!

   So you're wondering just how much this little guy is going to set you back? Well it's certainly not going to come cheap! The device, in the 32GB WiFi only configuration will set you back a total of $1,299 or £1,049 and it is available from the Play Store and PC World in the UK and the Play Store and BestBuy in America. There's also a 64GB option for Americans which has Verizon's LTE embedded and that option will cost you $1,449.
   For all the information on the laptop check out Google's website here! Head on a little further to see the one totally pointless, but super cool thing about the Chromebook Pixel and check out the videos below for some more shots of the device!



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