Monday 17 December 2012

comScore tell the story of Europe's smartphone choices: Android and iOS lead the way!


comScore are back today with a new piece of research from their MobiLens service, which outlines the rate of smartphone adoption within Europe's big five markets. So this research concerns France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

   Unsurprisingly, smartphone adoption is on the rise again, just breaking the 50 percent barrier, with smartphones now in the hands of 54.6 percent of mobile users, a 13 percent increase over the same time last year! On a more country specific level Spain and the UK have 63 and 62 percent smartphone usage respectively, but on the other end of the spectrum Germany is 1.2% off of half their mobile using population rocking smartphones!

   Just like the United States, Android and iOS are the platforms driving growth and Android is doing spectacularly well. The platform has an extra 12.4 percent audience share compared to October 2011 and is now only a few percent short of half of the market share, at 46.6 percent. Apple saw a modest 1.5 percent increase to a 28 percent share. The news is not as rosy for the rest of the bunch; RIM are holding third place but their share is down 2.5 percent and Symbian again lost a huge amount of users, down over 10 percent to 6.4 percent of the whole smartphone market. And Microsoft is bringing up the European rear, with a 3.1 percent smartphone share, which on the plus side is a growth of half a percent compared to the same period last year!.

   These operating system statistics reflect in the Top OEM chart too. Apple is out in front with  28 percent of the share, again there was a small growth to 28% of the market. That means that one in every four smartphones that you see around Europe is made by Apple, a staggering statistic given they only offer three different phones at any one time! Samsung's recent growth is reflected through their share more than doubling in a year to 24 percent! The tale of woe continues for everyone else though as RIM, HTC and Nokia all lose market share year over year. Nokia came out worst, losing just over half their market share. But, when you consider that Nokia's eggs are firmly in the Windows Phone basket, it is not surprising that Nokia's sales are reflecting Microsoft's 3 percent presence in Europe! So we expect that to dwindle even more by this time next year!

   So where will the market go from here? If we are going to place our bets, we can't see anything changing from now until next year, although Nokia might slip off of the top 5 chart to be replaced by someone like Sony who have been doing extremely well in the UK lately!

comScore via AndroidGuys.


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