Wednesday 26 December 2012

26/12/2012: Google wants Office customers + Scan and Match Problems, Nokia rumoured to release a Windows RT tablet, HTC One S gets JellyBean and Festive Play Store discounts!

Google is gunning for some of Microsoft's Office customers. Hoping to tempt people with their free offering.

   When you or one of your family members turns on a computer to do some word processing or to update your financial or dieting spreadsheet, you will most likely open up your copy of Microsoft's fantastic Word and Excel programmes. But, to have the pleasure of using those programmes you probably forked out a fair bit of money.

   Well from next year buying Microsoft Office will be a thing of the past if Google has their way. Google plans to push their free Google Apps to 'the 90 percent of users who don’t need to have the most advanced features of Office'. That's the plan of Google VP and head of the Google Enterprise unit, Amit Singh, who wants to win customers over with the promise of free and suitably functional products from Google as the search giant is seeking to build on the functionality of their apps!

   What do you think? Could you get by without Microsoft Office? We're pretty sure we could manage but Microsoft Office, in our experience, just works, so we think Google has a challenge on their hands winning people over!
Forbes Via Slashgear.

Is Nokia set to enter the tablet market with a Windows RT offering?

   We all know that Microsoft and Nokia are rather cosy at the moment, indeed the pair almost rely on each other for success in the Smartphone market, but according to The Verge's sources they speculate that Nokia could well be focusing on launching a Windows RT tablet in the new year.

    The Verge's sources believe the tablet will include a HDMI and USB ports and a 10.1-inch display, as well as cellular connectivity that will be compatible with AT&T to begin with. The USP of this tablet is expected to be a battery-equipped cover which cradles the tablet 'like a book' and will have a built in battery, keyboard and kickstand. Supposedly the tablet will have a nifty 'quick-charge' feature which will bump the devices battery up to 50% in as little time as possible. Other than that The Verge expects there will be two USB ports and we could see something official about this device at MWC in February!

   Unsurprisingly Nokia refused to comment on market speculation and rumour!
Via The Verge.

HTC's One S finally get some Jelly Bean love!

   When HTC released their One S it caused quite a stir. It was a phone with a then top of the range dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, a high build quality, AMOLED screen and it was an all round stylish but still pocketable alternative to the company's flagship HTC One X.

   HTC has a good track record of updating their devices and naturally we were pleased to hear that the One S was going to be getting an update too! So a mere month after the One X got an update here is the update for the One S too! The update will bring the software to Android 4.1.1 and it'll feature the Sense 4+ enhancements as well.

   For the moment the update is only available to a certain set of these One S', but there's no sign of an American roll out just yet. You can check XDA here to find out if your CID number is one of the lucky ones who can update right now! If not the update should be on the way in the near future!
Via Engadget.

Google's Scan and Match feature on Google Music is keeping it clean!

   Google's popular cloud music solution, aptly named Google Music, is causing quite a stir this holiday season as it's come to light that the company's 'Scan and Match' feature, which saves you uploading every single one of your songs also gives you the 'clean' version of songs.

   We can actually sympathise with people on this one, we're not sure if the 'clean' versions are simply leaving the rude bits blank or whether they give you a totally different version of the song with all the rude words substituted for clean words, like what you'll hear on the radio. 

   This isn't the first time we've seen this become a problem, the same issue happened when people started using iTunes Match a little while back. But, if it bothers you that much you may have to turn to alternative offerings because we're not sure if Google has any plans to change their format. If we hear anything more we'll let you know!
Via DroidLife.

Get some festive discounts in the Play Store!
And finally, what better way to spread some festive love than with a comprehensive list of the Play Store's bargains! If you check the following link to HotUKDeals you will find a huge list of apps which are on sale. Don't worry if you're not a UK resident they should be on sale in your country too! One of our favourites was Jump Desktop, which we'll have a review of soon!


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