Friday 14 December 2012

Sony's original Tablet S receives 'a big system update' in the UK.

   This morning we woke up to find a big system update message sprawled across the screen of our original Sony Tablet S. Sony has had a relatively good track record of offering maintenance updates and bug fixes, but this particular update caught our eye because it 'is a big system update which offers all sorts of new features'.

   Upon checking Sony's website we realised this was the update US users received a while back and indeed there are lots of enhancements, but it is still Android 4.0.3 ICS. There's Guest mode, a set of new media apps, more 'small apps' and a host of other new features which are quoted below! One thing just to mention before the new features is that the update is 262MBs so please don't download the update by tethering to your phone unless you have unlimited data!

New Features:
  • Adds Guest Mode
  • Adds new media player applications (WALKMAN, Album and Movies)
  • Adds new Small Apps (Timer and Voice Recorder) and supports widgets
  • Adds Xperia Link application
  • Adds macro functionality to Remote Control App and skin change *1
  • Adds news widgets including Topics
  • Adds Socialife (Updates Social Feed Reader Cloud to Socialife if you have already installed Social Feed Reader Cloud)
  • Adds the following input languages: Japanese (Hand-writing), Korean, Arabic , Thai , Greek
  • Enhances the clipboard function
  • Adds the following applications: YouTube *2, Google Books [Play Books] *3, Google Videos [Play Movies] *3
  • Supports the SDK (Software Development Kit) for IR Remote control and Small apps
  • New Looks
  • New icon design for applications developed by Sony
  • The following apps are renamed: Personal Space becomes Play Memories Online *3, Select App becomes Sony Select
  • Background color of application tray is changed from white to black.

Features removed:
  • Removes Favorite application
  • Removes DLNA application. You will still be able to access DLNA enabled devices within WALKMAN, Album and Movies
  • Removes Throw feature within Gallery application. You can throw photo/video using Album application
  • Removes current Video Player and Music Player's apps/widgets placed on Home screen. These are to be replaced by by Movies and Walkman


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