Thursday 6 December 2012

Archos announce the GamePad and the 80XS.

The Archos GamePad.

ARCHOS GamePad - Buy Now

   Today Archos have announced their brand new gaming-focus tablet, aptly named the GamePad. This is one good looking piece of kit and it has a good set of specs to power your games. There's;

  • Fully integrated game controller analogue sticks & 14 buttons.
  • Unique & patented ARCHOS Mapping tool - make any virtual control game work with physical controls.
  • 7'' 5 points capacitive screen 1024 x 600.
  • 1.6Ghz Dual-core A9 processor and Mali 400 MP Quad-core Graphics Co-Processor.
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with full access to Google Play.
   Is this a more compelling option than those attachable gamepads? We certainly think so! The GamePad is available direct from Archos for €150 or £130. If you're interested in purchasing one why not take a look at Archos' website here!

   If you were wondering how Archos plans to make every game work flawlessly with their GamePad then check out their pretty simple mapping tool in the video below!

Via Archos Facebook.

The Archos 80XS.

   A little while back we heard about the Archos 101XS, well Archos knows that 10" might be a bit too big for some people, so they've come up with a 8" brother for the tablet. 

   This device, just like the GamePad, is no slouch; there's a 1.6 GHz dual-core processor which drives that 8" 1024 x 768 pixel screen. You've got a few output options too, because this device seems to offer relatively good productivity options. There's mini-HDMI out to connect to an HDTV, Wireless uPnP media streaming, a Micro-USB for charging that you can also use as a into a full USB host port with a little adaptor, which annoyingly doesn't come in the box. Your other storage options are 8GBs internally with Micro-SD expandability up to 64 GB. All of this is crammed inside a metal frame which is a mere 8.9mm thick!

   There's a few pretty cool accessories to go with this one too; there's a 'Coverboard' which acts as a removable kickstand and keyboard, as well as speaker dock and docking station options! Both of which you can find here.

   There's no word on price yet, but we'll update the article if we hear more!


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