Friday 30 November 2012

30/11/2012: EE to sign a naming deal with Wembley Stadium? $99 Nexus 7? Jelly Bean for the Razr HD's and much more!

Wembley Stadium to sign a naming deal with phone network EE!

   England's most iconic sporting arena may be on the verge of getting a little name change! The mobile brand EE is on the verge of becoming a "naming partner of Wembley Stadium," according to John Reynolds of Marketing Magazine. 

   It's been reported that The FA has been on the look our for a commercial partner for the stadium for quite a while. If the rumours are correct it looks like this deal could be worth somewhere in the region of £8M per year, which translates into 12.8M US Dollars. 

   Thankfully the agreement will not mean that the Wembley name will be changed to the EE Arena, or whatever else EE's marketing guys could come up with! The FA realised that that would have been an alienating decision, but EE will likely be incorporated into the stadium name in one way or another, probably along the lines of 'Wembley in association with EE.'

   This would be EE's first move into the football advertising world but T-Mobile and Orange have sponsored Bayern Munich and the French football league already.

Via CampaignLive.

In other news:

  • Android Community think they may have proof of a $99 Nexus 7. What do you think? Check out the sourcelink here!
  • Sony has overtaken HTC in the amount of Android based mobile phones sold during Q3 in the UK! HTC, who were previously second, sold 440,000 handsets during the autumn, whereas Sony pushed ahead selling 500,000!

    Unsurprisingly it was Samsung who were out in front but it's good news for Sony, who put their success down to the greater confidence in its name since they dropped the Ericsson branding, but Sony has released so many different handsets to cover every budget and every need that that must have had something to do with their success!
    Mobile Today via Eurodroid.
  • The Xbox SmartGlass app for Android has been updated to have compatibility with 7" tablets as well as phones! Unfortunately there's no news on if or when 10" tablets will have compatibility, but we'll let you know if we hear any more. You can get the update here!
    Via AndroidCommunity.
  • A study from analytics group called App Annie has been released today. The research looked into the revenues generated from both Google Play and the App Store. This first report suggests that Google Play revenue is up 311%! Revenue for the App Store was up a much smaller 12.9% to 2012. Revenue for the App Store was up too, but the growth wasn't quite as spectacular with revenues up 12.9%, but on the whole iDevices are still more profitable. Is this finally the growth of developer profit on Android? Have you got an app and noticed a big difference lately? Let us know!
    Via Slashgear.
  • For those of you without an Xbox Live Gold subscription you will be able to play online for free this weekend because it's a free Gold weekend! Get online guys!
    Via Slashgear.
And finally, if you're the proud owner of a Droid Razr HD or a Droid Razr Maxx HD then it seems that all your Jelly Bean dreams are set to come true next week as Verizon has promised that an OTA is going to arrive "in phases starting next week"! The update will include both Google Now and ISIS compatibility!
Via Engadget.
Android 41 Jelly Bean roll out for Droid RAZR HD, RAZR Maxx HD to begin next week


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