Friday 28 December 2012

Ever wondered what Christmas sales do to device activations?

   We all know that Christmas is a vital time for retailers, not just in the technology industry, but some research by a firm called Flurry shows us just how vital that one special day is to Android manufacturers and Apple, in this particular case. 

   The image above demonstrates the change in activations that Flurry's app analytics detected between the average day in December and Christmas day! This year there was a whopping 17.4 million devices activated according to Flurry's data. Compared to your average day that is an increase of 332%! This was a bumper year as Flurry only detected 6.8 million activations on the same day last year, whereas there were 17.4 million this year, which is nearly a 160% year on year increase and it shows the growth in demand for smartphones and especially tablets, something which is shown in the pie charts to the right. Flurry said that they think that Kindle Fire's and both standard and the mini versions of Apple's iPad were the main drivers of tablet growth, although we're surprised to hear that Google's Nexus 7 wasn't widely gifted!

   So what did all this activity mean for them vital apps? Well the app download numbers built on last Christmas' figures and they increased more than 110% compared to the average December day! Flurry produced an interesting hour by hour download monitor which is embedded below! Were you one of the lucky ones who became part of these statistics?

AppDownloads perHour Xmas2012 resized 600
Flurry via Forbes.


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