Friday 9 November 2012

09/11/2012: iPhone 5 Touchscreen glitch?! Target pairing with CNET for in-store reviews, FaceTime lawsuit updates and much more!

Apple's iPhone 5's seem to have a touchscreen glitch.

   Today the guys at Recombu have come across a little glitch for the iPhone 5. It's nothing major but it might well be enough to scupper some developers plans to make past paced games for the new iPhone! Read on for the full details!
   The issue was first spotted by the UK game developers, CMA Megacorp, who tweeted this:

   Recombu, who were first to pick up the story, noted that "the problem is exacerbated by scrolling diagonally and as you can see [this] only occurs on the iPhone 5.” The video embedded below shows the two iPhone 4Ss and two iPhone 5s which Recombu tested, one of each running iOS 6.0 and 6.0.1. Both times it was the iPhone 5's which showed the issue, which leads both them and us to believe that this could be a hardware issue. This isn't anything major but it could well impact you if you play games like Fruit Ninja or if you plan to develop a game of a similar ilk! Apple have yet to offer any comments on the matter, we'll let you know if we hear any more!

In other news:

  • It seems that American chain Target has teamed up with CNET to offer in-store, third party reviews to their customers as the holidays approach! At the moment we're not sure if Target will post up the less-than-glowing reviews of products which CNET offers, we'll have to wait and see! Via TheTechStuff.
  • After yesterday's news that VirnetX had got $400million out of Apple, for their implementation of FaceTime, we've got wind that the minnows have added the iPhone 5, the new iPod Touches, new Macs, iPad Mini and the iPad 4 to the lawsuits. Which in turn should get a few more bucks out of Cupertino's finest. We'll let you know when we have more news on this one! Although, it's not all bad from Apple they also contributed $2.5million to Hurricane Sandy relief today! Via Slashgear.
  • Nokia will soon launch a version of the Lumia 920, called the 920T, that will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960T chipset and it's Adreno 320 GPU. Every other version of the 920 has the Qualcomm S4 Plus MSM8960 chipset has the notably less capable, Adreno 225 GPU, which is roughly three times less powerful. It's hard to say whether or not this will make a large difference to the two phones performances. Hopefully people outside of China won't feel too hard done by! Via GSM Insider.
  • Judge Lucy Koh is planning to “consider the questions” of whether the foreman in the Apple Vs Samsung trial, Vel Hogan, withheld information during the trial, which could have affected the outcome. The fact this is even being considered shows there might be a bit of an issue.
  • EE has delayed the launch of their Sim-Only plans until next week while they quickly round off their testing!
  • Nvidia showed off record Q3 earnings today as their revenue hit $1.2 billion! With tablets being promoted as a great alternative to cheap computers, although that promotion has a lot to do with the company's successes in the mobile computing market has covered their problems in the computer market!
  • Samsung has delayed their ATIV S until Christmas! Sorry Windows Phone fans!
And finally, the guys over at have spotted that there's a little bit of crazy maths going on in Comet's sale at the moment! They seem to think that iPod's have been reduced by thousands of pounds... All we can say is that if you paid 'full price' you may have got slightly ripped off! 



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