Wednesday 7 November 2012

07/11/2012: Office for Android and iOS, Apple forced to pay damages for FaceTime and more!

Screenshots for Microsoft Office for Android and iOS surface!


   Today the guys over at The Verge somehow managed to get their hands on some screenshots of Microsoft's upcoming Office suite for Android and iOS! Microsoft has been keeping pretty quiet on these apps so these screenshots more or less confirm the app will be coming at some point!
   If the report is to be believed then 'Office Mobile will be a set of free apps that allow mobile users to view Microsoft Office documents on the go'. You'll also have to have a Microsoft account, just like you would if you use any of Microsoft's other services. Unfortunately, the app will only be able to view documents and you'll only be able to make edits if you're prepared to cough up for an Office 365 subscription. Personally, we'd stick to the free office suites for iOS and Android which are generally free and work great!

   As we had previously heard the, Czech Republic branch of Microsoft revealed that Office Mobile apps for Android and iOS would be available from March 2013. The Verge currently believes the  iOS version will be first to land, probably in late February or early March, with the Android version tagging along later in May.

   All Microsoft was prepared to say to The Verge on the matter was that "Office will work across Windows Phone, iOS and Android." We'll have to wait and see how compelling Microsoft's offering is next year!

Via The Verge.

In other news:
  • Foxconn CEO Terry Gou has said that the manufacturer is still struggling to keep up with Apple's demand for iPhone 5's because of how complex it is to piece the phones together! 
  • Pixar has today renamed one of their main buildings after Apple giant, Steve Jobs. It's not widely known but Jobs was a big investor in Pixar! He invested $10 million to purchase Pixar from Lucasfilm in 1986, before selling the company on to Disney 20 years later for a whopping $7.4 billion! 
  • Apple has been ordered to pay $368million in damages to a little software security firm called VirnetX after Apple's FaceTime developers failed to 'pay any attention to anyone's patents when developing their system'. Which incidentally Apple's line of defence. At the moment it's hard to have much sympathy for Apple considering how avidly they go after their competitors in the court room! Via BBC.
  • Barack Obama, as well as securing the US Presidency for another few years, smashed Twitter's retweet record with a lovely photo of him embracing his wife with 'four more years' as the caption. You can see the tweet here!
  • Apple has sought to add Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 and Android Jelly Bean to their lawsuits against Sammy!
  • ZTE has teased a new 5.9" 1080p screen phone, which will run a tweaked version of Windows Phone!

And finally, the guys at LaughPong have decided to make a DIY ad for Microsoft's Surface tablet, which simultaneously has a poke at Apple's new iPad Mini app whilst showing off Microsoft's new all singing all dancing tablet! Have a look at the link below, we think Microsoft might want to jump on the 'in your face' bandwagon! 


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