Thursday 22 November 2012

22/11/2012: Happy Thanksgiving! Is this the Blackberry London? Nexus stock checkers, YouTube on Wii U and more!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

   To our American readers we hope you're having a great day today and that you'll stomachs will be suitably full by the time the evening rolls round! We'd just like to say thank you again for using our site, we really do appreciate it, you're all great!

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   Anyway have a great day guys and here's today's news!

Is this the upcoming Blackberry London?

Blackberry London Leak

   The picture above may be the first sighting we've got of RIM's upcoming BlackBerry London, or L-Series as we know it. The device is actually relatively similar to the Blackberry Dev Alpha, which you can see to the right. 

   The device, if it's definitely real, is due to be launched at a press event on the 30th of January, along with another BlackBerry 10 phone which will be equipped with a QWERTY keyboard.

   There's a good set of specs which have also been floated around which read like this:

  • 4.2-inch display
  • Dual-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory
  • MicroSD card for memory expansion
  • 8 megapixel camera
   We're really hoping RIM can deliver something which catches the attentions of websites like ours and consumers at large! The industry definitely wouldn't be the same without Blackberry's!

In other news:

  • Android Police have dug up a little website which will automatically check the stock of Google's latest set of Nexus devices in your area. Annoying we can't get the page to open at the moment but we'll take the guys word for it that it does work! Perhaps they're just have trouble with a huge influx of hits at the moment? You can see if the site works for you here.

    If you can't get that to work then Product-Review have found an app on Google Play which promises to let you know when there's availability! The only thing is it uses a lot of data to keep checking availability, somewhere in the region of '150MB's a month' so unless you're on Wifi or Unlimited data please be careful! You can check this out here!
  • The Barnes and Noble NOOK HD and the NOOK HD+ are available for purchase in the UK! The former has a 7-inch 1440 x 900 pixel display, a 1.3GHz dual-core processor, and is £159 for the 8GB version and £189 for the 16GB version. You can get this one in white or grey and both have an SD Card slot.

    The NOOK HD+ on the other hand is rocking a Full HD 9-inch display, a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and comes in a choice of 16 or 32 GB's of storage. The smaller option will set you back £229 and the 32GB one is £269.

    If you're after one then you can pick them up from any one of these stores; John Lewis, Argos, Asda, Dixons, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Blackwell’s or Foyles. Or if you'd rather you can metaphorically pick one up from Barnes and Noble's website!
  • Samsung has added the iPad Mini to their lawsuits against Apple and the company has also been allowed access to the finer details of HTC and Apple's recent agreement!
  • An official YouTube app is now available for the Wii U and it allows you to play videos on your TV, while your GamePad acts as the control and shows you all the details about what you're watching including the description, category, views, tags, and comments. Just in case you were worrying it's a free download and a very welcome addition!
    Via Slashgear.
And finally, it looks like a white Asus' Padfone 2 is on the way!


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