Friday 2 November 2012

02/11/2012: The latest Android version stats, Apple's 'apology' hits the papers and much more!

Google announces this months Android stats!

   One of the strangely interesting things in the mobile world is the monthly update we get which shows us the state of Android and more tellingly Android updates. Again this month shows us a few new things, so head on past the jump and we'll get into it!

   Firstly, Gingerbread is still the operating system which more than 50% of users are currently rocking! Which isn't too bad because Gingerbread was a decent OS, but it's not great either especially when you compare it to the interface enhancements we saw with ICS and the speed enhancements we've seen with both versions of Jelly Bean!

   That being said there's now nearly 30% of the world's Android devices rocking either Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwich, although the latter has been out for the best part of a year now! One thing that December's results will show us is how popular Google's Nexus devices have been in their first month and how well Samsung and HTC are getting on with their Galaxy S3 and One X roll outs respectively!

   What OS are you on? And are you considering getting one of Google's new Nexus devices!

Apple have posted their 'informative post' in newspapers today!

   The image below is the picture of Apple's latest informative post in the UK, after the court ruled that Apple would have to publicise their ruling that Samsung did not copy Apple's iPad design!

   The full transcript which appeared in the Guardin today is just below:

In other news:
  • A BitTorrent porn sharer has today been hit with a hefty $1.5 million fine for sharing 10 homosexual porn videos!
  • Apple's iPhone may face a completely ban in Mexico because a court has ruled that the "iPhone" name is too phonetically similar to that of Mexican telecommunications company iFone, whose name was registered in 2003!
  • Today commemorates the 12 consecutive year that the International Space Station has had a resident inside it everyday!
  • Apple has valued Motorola's essential wireless patents for cellular and Wifi at the grand total of $1 per iPhone. The pair will sit down to talk this out to a conclusion later next week!
  • Microsoft is again rumoured to be testing their own Surface smartphone, we'll have to wait and see what the guys from Redmond have to offer us in the new year!
  • It looks like there will be a physical version of Google's Wallet coming to the world if today's leaks are to be believed!

And finally, here is the first example of Apple's new iPad Mini being put to good use inside a car! You have to hand it to them it does seem to be a pretty perfect fit!


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