Monday 10 September 2012


Samsung's Galaxy Note II camera was downgraded by Sony.

   Samsung reportedly planned to include a 13MP shooter in their Galaxy Note 2, but apparently their plans to include a sensor that good were scuppered by Sony's inability to produce enough sensors!

   The story goes that Sony chose to offer the camera sensors to LG and their upcoming Optimus G instead, because they couldn't produce enough to satisfy Samsung's almost insatiable needs.

In other news:

  • Nokia has pledged to 'investigate' their work after they were caught faking the promo shots from their Lumia 920. Perhaps next time Nokia it'd be less hassle if you just use the phone to take a picture!
  • Apparently Apple will have a tough time disproving HTC's claims that Apple infringe on their 4G LTE patents according to a top American Judge!
  • Nokia's new Lumia 920 PureView will only record video audio in Mono!!!
  • And will Apple's new iPhone 5 support numerous types of 4G around the world?! That's the rumour.

And finally Everything Everywhere has a press conference tomorrow regarding their 4G LTE plans! See what the other blogs around and about have speculated that we'll see! All the info is here!


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