Wednesday 26 September 2012


Texas Instruments is cutting back on mobile chip productions.

   Most of you will probably have heard of TI's OMAP smartphone processors. They may even be powering your smartphone or tablet at this very moment. Unfortunately, the company has announced that they will be scaling back their mobile chip productions.

   The news comes as the market has become increasingly competitive, with NVIDIA, Samsung, Qualcomm and many others offering alternative chips. The company has said they plan to focus on embedded systems instead. 

   This news comes after the recent announcement of Motorola that they will be using Intel’s Medfield processor for the RAZR i. Motorola was and still is one of TI's biggest customers, but for the moment TI says it will continue to support its existing clients, Reuters reports.

In other news:

  • It's come to light today that Apple's new Lightning connector is in fact different on each side but, as Slashgear said it must have 'must be using some sort of process to dynamically identify which pin order the cord is currently using – depending on which side is up and which is down, that is.' What this will mean for you is that it is a lot harder for 3rd parties to make connectors, so you might be paying Apple prices for your accessories for a while!
  • It's been widely reported today that Google's Eric Schmidt will meet with Samsung execs in South Korea this week, just before the launch of the Nexus 7 in the country. Samsung's mobile chief confirmed the meeting today but refused to comment on the agenda. Most people are expecting it to be an attempt to boost Google's involvement in Android litigation.
  • LittleBigPlanet is now available for your PS Vita!
  • Google has launched a little sale to mark the 25 billionth download from the Play store. The sale items will cost you either $.25 for those of you in the US or 25p if you live in the UK.   Included in the sale are games such as Angry Birds Space Premium, Granny Smith, Draw Something, NFL Kicker 13, OfficeSuite Pro 13 and a couple more!


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