Monday 24 September 2012


Intel announces it's working on dual-core and LTE!

   Intel’s is hard at work making their Medfield chips the mobile world's finest. They have LTE-capabilities and multicore versions in the pipeline. The first fruits of this labour are due before the end of this year!

   The company said Intel will be “shipping some LTE products later this year and ramping into 2013″ according to director of product marketing, Sumeet Syal. The director was speaking with TechCrunch, and he also confirmed the company is hard at work making more Android apps play nice with the x86 architecture.

   The company said for the moment we're looking only dual-core Medfield chips but in the future they are looking to create more potent quad-core Atom chipsets! Although, the company explains why they are hard at work on single-core processors at the moment:
   “You have to take a look at how many instructions per clock can the architecture handle — our belief is that others are throwing cores at the issue in terms of getting more performance.  We make that determination based on our architecture so we felt very comfortable coming out with a single core dual-threaded for our first product, and as we’re able to get more and more performance in the right implementation of the architecture we believe putting in dual-core would be the right thing for our next generation product” Sumeet Syal, Intel

A bit of Apple news:

  • Apple announced this morning that they sold 5million iPhone's in the first week of the phones availability. That definitely makes Samsung's 20million Galaxy S3 sales in 100 days look a bit average!
  • Apple has announced that they've updated 100million devices to iOS6 since it's launch last Thursday!
  • iOS6 was jailbroken on launch day!
  • If you're a disgruntled iOS6 user and you simply must have Google Maps back there's a nice little hack to bring it back! But, it's still being worked on because it has a tendency to crash! In the meantime why not just use a browser alternative such as Nokia Maps or even the on-line version of Google Maps?

In other news:

  • Netflix for Android has had a nice little overhaul which makes it look like a more tablet optimised app! It's a nice little update and well worth a download if you use the service!
  • Nintendo's upcoming Wii U console will be region locked! So wait until it's available in your region instead of trying to get one early because otherwise you'll be importing games too!


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