Tuesday 25 September 2012


The news in brief:

  • RIM has announced that carrier testing for their BB10 devices will begin in approximately A months time. So the company is on for a 2013 release! The company has also announced that they will have native support for Twitter, Facebook, Four square and many more social platforms from launch!
  • Google has announced that any work on a version of iOS6 maps until they get a special invite from Apple to do the work. Eric Schmidt said it was up to Apple whether the iPhone 5 and other devices would get Google maps. Schmidt said that Google would "welcome" Apple's cooperation but said that "we have not done anything yet" to prepare a new version, so looks like you'll have to make do with iOS maps guys.
  • Apple A6 teardown reveals the chip has a dual-core CPU and a tri-core GPU configuration.
  • Apple have also announced today that scratches on their aluminium backed iPhone 5 are 'normal' and should be expected. Are you going to let Apple sell this excuse to you as a sign of uniqueness?
  • Today some of Samsung's Galaxy series of phones, particularly ones which had been 'Touchwiz-ed' were found to be vulnerable to a simply html code which would automatically reset the phone. The issue currently affects the Galaxy Beam, S Advance, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy S II. However, the Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus, which runs stock Android, is not susceptible. Neither is Samsung's latest beast, the Galaxy S3. “The USSD code issue in the SGS3 is patched, and has been for some time” TeamAndIRC said. “Current i747 [AT&T Galaxy S III] and i9300 [European Galaxy S III] firmware are not vulnerable.”

    Samsung has yet to comment on 'dialer-gate' but good things come to those who wait! We'll keep you updated.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note II is launching in the UK on October 1st.
And finally, here's a lovely little video from RIM explaining why they love their devs! It's kinda catchy!


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