Thursday, 6 September 2012


OEM's have barely opened the Jelly Bean packet!

   Android; the world's most popular smartphone operating system and quite probably the world's most frustrating when it comes to updates. They seem to take absolutely forever to arrive and when they do manufacturers have issues ironing out the bugs. 

   At the moment the news isn't so good; yes there are over 1.3million daily Android activations, but not all of them ship with an up to date OS. Instead it seems like it's only Nexus devices that're rocking Jelly Bean at the moment with slightly more than 1/100 devices are running Jelly Bean.

   It's worth remembering that most devices are still on Gingerbread and most of these probably will stay there until their owners upgrade. It's a frustrating situation all round but hopefully we'll see a lot more users rocking Jelly bean when Samsung gets round to updating the Galaxy S2 and S3!

In other news:

  • Facebook has officially completed the Instagram buy-out today, completing the $1 billion deal.
  • Nokia's Windows Phone 8 devices will reportedly be constructed in house buy Nokia and the company will be dropping the price of the Lumia 800 and 900 by $150 in a bid to shift them and make way for the newer models.
  • If you're holding out for a new TV from Apple you may very well be waiting a while because their talks with TV companies have reportedly been stalling of late.
  • Samsung has updated us on the amount of Galaxy S3's shipped and so far in 100 days of the phones availability they've sold 20million of the phones!


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