Friday 7 September 2012


HTC One X+ pops up on Twitter!

   Given the proximity of HTC's press conference it's not surprising that we're starting to see some leaks! This one comes from Twitter where a source claims to know details of the much rumoured HTC One X+!

     The purported new phone will have dimensions of 134.36 x 69.9 x 9.3mm and is relatively light at 129g. This time as well there's suggestions that we'll be seeing NVIDIA‘s enhanced Tegra 3+ AP37 1.6GHz quad-core processor, that has the 1.7GHz single-core processor for the less taxing tasks! Just for good measure there's also 1 GB of RAM and 32GB's ROM.

   The main complaints with the original One X was the diddy little 1800mAH battery and if the leak has got this one right then the same battery is in this version too. That will likely be the main reason for bloggers to complain again! So if you're a textaholic or like playing your Angry Birds or Temple Run then sorry but we're ready for a short battery life again.

   Finally, the software looks to be coming in the form of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean masked by HTC’s Sense 4.5. 

   If the source is to be believed then the specs look relatively solid and it'll be another solid phone, but we expect that battery will be putting people off again!

In other news:

  • It's been reported that there will be more than just an iPhone reveal on September the 12th! It seems like we'll be getting some iPod refreshes too!
  • There has been a lot of rumours of an Amazon phone recently but Amazon CEO, John Bezos, has today confirmed that there's no current plans to announce one but there are more devices coming next year, but at the moment it'd be "premature" to talk about them and there won't be one "any time soon". An enigmatic answer and it's looking like Amazon has their sights set on a phone after all!
  • Keep your eyes peeled for the next iPhone to be available on September 21st! That's the rumour of the day!
  • UK carrier Everything Everywhere (Orange/T-Mobile) has announced a press conference on September 11th, the day before the next iPhone is launched to talk about their plans for their future! An LTE iPhone in the UK?!?! We can hope!
  • Slashgear has today reported that Apple and Samsung's recent courtroom battles has seen the Cupertino company reign in their reliance on the South Korean giants. Slashgear said they've seen reports from Reuters and Bloomberg that say 
"Samsung's memory and displays will be absent from the first batch of Apple's new iPhone, insiders claim, after pricing and legal disagreements saw the Cupertino firm slash orders from its long-time rival. Patent fight tensions and arguments over costs have led to a stalemate of sorts... though Apple is also believed to be working to reduce its reliance on any one individual company. However, Apple hasn't been able to entirely oust Samsung from its iPhone 5 supply chain: the processor powering the new smartphone will apparently still be produced by the South Korean firm."
  •  Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD will hit UK and Europe on October 25!

And finally, is this HTC's upcoming Windows Phone 8 device that's been codenamed the Accord? If so it'll be called the HTC 8X, which is a pretty cool name and a pretty slick looking phone!


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