Monday 30 July 2012

What phone would really get you excited?

   I was laying in bed a few weeks ago thinking about what phone would really get me excited. Earlier in that evening I'd written a post about the ZTE Kis, a low-end phone that was insanely cheap. For whatever reason the ZTE was the first phone that had excited me in a long time.

   It's cheap, it runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it just seems crazy to me that it only costs £50. Now don't get me wrong I know my upcoming comparison isn't fair, but if I want toreplace my Galaxy S2 it'll set me back £340 on Amazon! Which got me thinking how much difference can there really be for the extra £290?

   On the face of it not much, the two devices both run Android (Kis 2.3 and SGS2 4.0.3, although the Kis is slated to get ICS!), they both take pictures, both browse, call and text and most importantly, they both play Angry Birds!

   So ZTE have left me feeling slightly guilty, I feel I've wasted money, but I'm also astonished. Assuming the ZTE Kis is actually functionable as a daily driver I'll be impressed with just how far smartphones have come. The original Galaxy S was my first smartphone and if the ZTE Kis can get close to that experience then they have a real winner!

   The one thing I want to know now is; can the ZTE Kis actually become a replacement for the Samsung Galaxy S2 or even a Galaxy S3, whilst also being less than a 6th of the price?!

   Continuing along the same lines I've also found myself becoming slightly disillusioned with big phone announcements; it's all much the same. Every high-end device comes out, lands at £500 or £30 a month on contract and is exactly the same as the phone launched the week before by another company. So what I want to know is what excites you? For me it's becoming the unbelievable value of the low-end phones and the freshness of the smaller operating systems such as WebOS, Meego and Firefox OS.

   But, what I realy want to know is what are you excited for? The new iPhone? The next Nexus? Or something really fresh, new and exciting like Jolla and their plans? Let me know in the comments below!


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