Tuesday 3 July 2012


The latest Market shares are out! They're interesting reading!

   The image above has a surprisingly large amount of interesting information in it! 

   Firstly, we can see that Google's Android has finally slowed it's sky-rocketing market share to more of a pedestrian improvement of 0.8%. This seems to suggest that most people who want an Android phone have one and obviously we would expect their share to stall slightly as a result. But, interestingly Symbian's share of the smartphone platter is down to 1% so there's not much more Android can steal from Nokia's old champion. Symbian's fall from grace has almost mirrored Android's growth so it seems that we're approaching some sort of stable equilibrium again

   Interestingly, Apple now seems to have a fairly steady market share too, with a solid 30% of the smartphone market. But, it's hard to see how they can really push on from there given the cost of their handsets compared to the average price for smartphones; after all not everyone has a budget upwards of £600 or $700!

    Microsoft also, seems to finally have stopped the rot too! It looks like the high profile launch of the Lumia 900 in particular, gave them a boost last quarter. But, given the announcement of Windows Phone 8, the companies has made it infinitely harder for them and their partners to shift the remainder of the Windows Phone 7 range, especially given that the OS is now essentially obsolete. It's also worth remembering that the figure includes those people rocking Windows Mobile too, which is a possibility for those who've held on to their eternal HTC HD2's and the like.

   In other news:

  • The Galaxy S3 is slated to join Verizon's line-up on July 10th, that's if Apple don't get their way!
  • Verizon has also announced that they will no longer subsidise tablets that land on their network, instead you will be paying full ticket price on top of that contract you want to take out!
  • It's come to light today that it costs you little over $1 a year to power your iPad compared to the $65 a year, it'll set you back to run your home refridgerator!
  • For those you you wanting to play Halo 4 on the regular, you'll have to have a lot of spare space on your Xbox. Microsoft has recommended at least 8GB of free space, so it could potentially take a lot more space than that, depending on how much you play!
  • RIM's CEO, Torsten Heins, has come out today and defiantly stated that his company is not in a 'death spiral', instead they're in a period of transition! Perhaps you might beg to differ?
  • In response to Google's launch of the Nexus 7, the iPad Mini has been rumoured for a Fall release again, but the Apple device is said to have a $100 premium over the Nexus, coming in at $300 instead of a Nexus 7's $199 price point.
  • Talking of tablets, today they've been slated to overtake Notebook sales by 2016!
  • Android's ICS operating system has finally landed on 10% of active devices... Just in time for the Jelly Bean launch. Perhaps the update pressure has gone to Google's head because their statue up at Mountain View melted today! You can see the melt in the image below!
  • Nokia has decided to take action and call out the Nexus 7 for violating their Wifi patents, we'll have to wait and see what comes of this!
  • And finally, RIM's Blackberry 10 roadmap appears to show the companies plan for 2013. The juicy details are all available below!


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