Monday 30 July 2012


Android updates: LG, Sony and Acer's hands.

   Android updates; the bane of many geeks lives! Some companies have good records in updates; Samsung, Acer and HTC are considered 'good' with updates. Other companies are slightly lacking with their track records.

   Today some of these ideas have been reinforced. The first company, Sony, we did cover briefly last week when they announced that they would not be providing Jelly Bean updates to their 2011 phones, like the Arc S and the Mini Pro. Sorry guys.

   But, rest assured you're not alone! LG is just as bad as Sony, if not worse. LG's Canadian arm stated that versions of the Optimus 2X (the world's first dual-core phone!) and the Optimus Black would not receive an update to Android 4.0 ICS. This news coming in spite of a universal statement from LG promising the arrival of an update! There's no news on whether this will be the case for all international versions of these phones, but a precedent has now been set!

   The good news here though is that Acer has publicly said that some of their Iconia range of tablets will get Jelly Bean. Yes they said 'some' and so a few tabs will miss out, but some is better than none!!! When the company outs a full list of updates, you guys will be first to know!

In other news:

  • T-Mobile USA's Galaxy Note is available starting August 8th for $249 on a two-year contract.
  • Intel has promised that $699 ultrabooks are on the way!
  • Mountain Lion becomes OS X's most successful version yet with 3 million downloads so far.
  • Microsoft's Surface tablets have been slated to arrive on October 28th at the same time as Windows 8 is officially released.
  • Apple has been placed on China's Consumer Association “company integrity” blacklist, we're not sure what this will mean, but it's an interesting reflection of the world we live in!
  • Apple's supposed Twitter investment has apparently fallen through!
  • And finally, RIM's upcoming Playbook 10"er has supposedly been snapped and the leaked picture is below!


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