Monday 23 July 2012


Staples confirms numerous new Kindle tablets incoming!

   Staples President, president Demos Parneros, has today told Reuters that Amazon are preparing '5 or 6 new SKU's' of Kindle tablets. Which in normal words means that Amazon are preparing 5 or 6 new tablet variants. 

   Now this could mean 2 new tablets and then 16, 32 and 64GB version of each tablet, but we're really hoping for 7", 8.9" and 10.1" tablets.There's also the possibility that one SKU could be dedicated to a 3G/4G capable version of the tablets.

   Interestingly, Parneros did explicitly say that a 10inch version is in the pipeline, something which will go head to head with Apple's iPad, but Amazon's offering is expected to have a much lower price point! We are also expecting a refreshed 7" Kindle Fire, something perfectly tailored to compete with Google's insanely popular, new Nexus 7.

   This might be a cheeky ploy to take some of Google's momentum away while Amazon's tablets are finished or Amazon might be slightly annoyed with Staples for revealing their plans prematurely. Either way Amazon declined to comment on the stories today!

   Keep it locked for all the latest news on Amazon's tablets!

Samsung splits from Qualcomm licensing deal to spite Apple.

   About 18 years ago, Samsung and Qualcomm made a little gentlemen's agreement, promising not to use 3G patents to Samsung's advantage, new documents have confirmed. Samsung promised not to sue Qualcomm or any of its customers for using these patents. It's been confirmed that Samsung saw it fit to dissolve these agreement in April 2011, so that the IP could be used to combat Apple's aggressive law department.

   Qualcomm was notified that the deal was ended as soon as Apple first filed against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab slate in the US, ZDNet claimed. ”There was an agreement between Samsung and Qualcomm. That agreement was not a licence agreement” Samsung’s counsel confirmed. “It contains a contractual provision that Samsung would not sue Qualcomm or customers of Qualcomm who apply [the 3G patents].”

   According to Australian court documents Apple sought independent licensing with Samsung, but Sammy claims that its FRAND-term “commercial rate” for use of the technology was rejected, and that Apple failed to continue taking part in negotiations. “Apple has refused to enter negotiations for the UMTS patent”.

   This is quite an interesting revelation and we'll see exactly what happened when we see some judgements coming in from the courts!

In other news:

  • The ratings agency, Moody's, has downgraded Nokia again, the company now stands at a 'junk' rating. But, the company is still confident things will turn around with the release of WP8.
  • The creators of the Android app 'Dead Trigger' have revealed their reasoning for making their quality game free recently. Apparently Android piracy is so rampant that the devs saw it as the best option to simply offer the game for free. At the moment they're considering in-app purchasing and ads as a way to earn some money from the game!
  • Samsung has officially announced that they've shipped 10million Galaxy S3's in 2 months!
  • LG's ICS update for the Spectrum is 'very close' to completion and is Verizon's hands for testing.

Finally, google has released their first advert for the Nexus 7 and it looks something like this...!!!


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