Monday 16 July 2012


HTC reportedly cancelled the ICS update for the Desire HD.

   When we heard the lists of devices each manufacturer planned to put ICS onto there was one device in particular we did not expect to see on the list. That device was the ageing, but still relevant, HTC Desire HD. 

   Sadly we've recently learnt that Telus, a Canadian Network has cancelled the update for their version of the device and we have heard rumours that the same issues Telus faced will be exactly the same for all variants of the device.

   The handset has a Snapdragon S2 processor and 768mb of RAM so there's every chance this device could run ICS and probably will through alternative software sources, the obvious one being CyanogenMod.

   Surprisingly Telus cited “poor device performance during testing” as the main issue, but that sounds more than slightly suspect to us! Let us explain; the HTC One V, for example, features the exact same processor but only 512MB of RAM and still managed to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich. Even the little HTC Desire C, with it's little 600Mhz processor, is running Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, so we remain optimistic that international versions of the device will get some ICS but don't get your hopes up guys!

ZTE facing slight trouble?


   ZTE have been doing rather well lately; they've been rising up the selling ranks and they're aiming for a top 3 market share in the next few years. But, it seems the bubble might be starting to burst for the company.

   Shares in the company have fallen 17% after some warnings arrived suggesting that half-year profits could be heading down by a massive 80%. To add insult to injury there’s rumours that 12,000 staff are to be pushed out the door AND the FBI are investigating the sale of banned kit to Iran.

   ZTE have already announced they're showing off a new gaming handset on Wednesday, so this news really won't help the companies bid to grow in Europe and the US

In other news:

  • Lenovo is coming close to overtaking HP as the world's largest PC manufacturer.
  • British ISP's have said that their ban on The Pirate Bay has been largely ineffective after a brief initial success.
  • Skype has admitted their is a leaking message bug for which they are working on a fix.
  • Raspberry Pi is now available for general order!
  • A 10" Kindle Fire has been tipped again to compete with the iPad.
  • Fujifilm has sued Motorola over some camera technology in mobile phones. Apparently the pair have already tried to sit down before going to court!
  • The New York Times doesn't deal in rumours, but they've reported that the iPad Mini is coming, this fall could be exciting!
  • AT&T has halved the upfront cost of the Lumia 900 today, it'll now set you back $49.99 on a two-year contract.
  • YouTube has started showing citizen filmed news! Is this the future?


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