Thursday 9 August 2012

Tablets going cheap!

SONY P Series SGPT212GB/S.CEK 3G Tablet PC - 4GB 
Sony Tablet P
   Are you based in the UK? Do you want a clamshell tablet with two great 5.5" screens? It's got the option for 3G internet connections as well as Wifi! And finally do you want to pay £199.97 for it?

   Well if all of the answers and statements above tempt you and you fancy standing out from the iPad crowd for a fraction of the price, then Dixons has got you covered. They're offering the 4GB 3G varient of the Tablet P for £200 at the moment and don't forget that ICS update is still promised. But, then again you could pick up a Nexus 7 for £159. If you fancy a punt on the Tablet P click here!


 Blackberry Playbook!

   The same sort of questions as above apply to the Blackberry Playbook, which despite being a great little tablet has seen a distinct lack of love lately. The tablet's price has tumbled from it's starting price up around iPad territory to the lowly price of £129 for a 16GB version of the tablet. Again if you don't want a Nexus 7 because of it's portrait orientation or you simply love your Blackberry and you need the perfect companion the Playbook is the choice for you!

   It's a great little device and for £130, it's hard not to recommend it, unless of course you want Android then if you spent another £30 you can get the awesome Nexus 7! If you want the Playbook click here! 

Galaxy Nexus Tablet 
Asus Nexus 7!

   So neither of the tablets above commanded much attention; this one certainly will. The Nexus 7 is the result of Asus and Google's partnership to create a low-cost, high performance tablet. You've got a quad-core processor in there, an IPS screen and everything else you could ask for except for a MicroSD card slot and a rear camera. But, this is a Nexus so you'll always get the latest and greatest version of Android and it is only £159. If this 7" beauty is more your thing it is still a bargain at it's full retail price of £159. To get your hands on one click here!

If there's anything you think we've missed or simply must be included let us know in the comments!


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