Thursday 2 August 2012


Apple strikes back at Samsung's leaks!

   A couple of days ago Samsung posted some 'banned evidence' to numerous media outlets around the world. Both Apple and Judge Koh were not amused but Samsung argued, very well in fact, that they had every right to publish their evidence because it was independent and didn't affect the courts ruling in any way.

   Apple has subsequdntly demanded that its design patents be considered valid and considered infringed as a suitably harsh punishment for Samsung’s evidence leak yesterday. They went as dar as telling the court that ruling in the Cupertino firm’s favor is the only message Samsung will understand. “Apple requests that the Court issue sanctions granting judgment that Apple’s asserted phone design patent claims are valid and infringed by Samsung” the company wrote in its response, effectively asking that the outcome of the trial be decided because of Samsung's “strategy of delay.”

   This from the outside is seemingly ridiculous. It seems that both the Judge and Apple are going all out to spite Samsung when there is very little evidence to nail Samsung's coffin with. In fact the opposite is true; Apple are suggesting that to punish Samsung the evidence which refers to Apple 'copying' Sony designs be removed from the case. To my understanding the whole thing is a farce and I personally hope Samsung get a good outcome from this case!

In other news:

  • Facebook have today announced that they have about 83 million fake users (spam accounts and pet accounts?!). That's a lot of fakes about 9% of the company's user base in fact, that probably won't help the stock price!
  • Over the weekend Thorsten Heins, RIM CEO, met with the Times newspaper here in the UK. One of the details the company mentioned was that they are "investigating" the possibility of licensing the upcoming new platform, saying that "we're working with the financial advisers to see if we do this where it would take the company." It'd be interesting to see if anyone would take RIM up on the offer if they did commit to this strategy!
  • Samsung’s developed speedy new SD cards that'll supercharge smartphone storage in the near future.
  • Sharp has confirmed that the first shipments of the iPhone 5's screens will start in this month!
  • Nokia has been having a tough ride lately. An unfortunate consequence of this is more layoffs. This time the bad news is happening down under; Aussie Qt staff are facing the chop and the company is looking to sell off assets.
  • Sony has had another terrible quarter; Q1 2012 saw income down 77% as gaming, mobile and TVs sales have dived.


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