Friday 24 August 2012


OnLive CEO stays on amid cuts!

  Last week half of OnLive’s workforce was laid off, the company began a huge restructuring programme because they were haemorrhaging money. The changes meant that HTC lost its $40 million investment. When things like this happen and everything looks so dire everyone and their mum would expect to see the CEO and the execs move on to be replaced with people with new ideas and a fresh plan for success. So it won't be just us who're very surprised that OnLive is keeping their current CEO, Steve Perlman.

   An official statement was issued by OnLive this week which offered up a few more details on what’s actually happening within the company and what fans can expect to be seeing from the company. OnLive said in the statement that it has a new investor and assured subscribers that all their purchases, achievements, videos, and other content were still there and would not be interrupted. The company says it plans to continue operating its service 24/7 just as it always has.

   Perlman has been charged with working through this major transition. Once the company transition is complete, OnLive said that Pearlman would focus on the company’s next product releases and promised more major announcements in the near future. Those announcements will include the Vizio CoStar and the Ouya console! Stay tuned for more announcements as they happen!

South Korean judgement on Apple Vs. Samsung.

   So these two have been at each others throat for soooo long it's starting to get boring but now the results are finally starting to come in.

   The first result has come out of South Korea, Samsung's home turf, so is this ruling slightly favourable? Not entirely no. The court decided that Apple had infringed on two Samsung patents, but Samsung had returned the favor on Apple's "bounceback" design patent, but they apparently didn't copy Apple's icon design resulting in damages of about $22,000 heading Apple's way and $35,000 going the other way. That's according to WSJ's Evan Ramstad, who also reports that other than the light financial slap on the wrist, the ruling means that the infringing products can no longer be sold in South Korea. The list of affected hardware includes mostly previous gen products like the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, as well as the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Nexus.

   The USA might rule slightly more in Apple's favour but, we'll find out later next week!

In other news:
  • HTC's rumoured 'Proto' device has had some more leaks today. The device is widely expected to replace the HTC One V when it launches soon!
  • Tim Cook has been CEO of Apple for a year! 
  • There is a planned Xbox 360 hub for the upcoming US election campaign!

And finally for those of you who thinks Apple needs to commit a 4G chip to their upcoming iPhone then it would seem consumers don't really see the need at the moment. All the good stats from the research are below!


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